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International Feeds

Data Feed Currency Conversion

We support currency conversion on all feeds, included as part of our Standard feed service. We use to obtain up-to-date conversion rates at the time your feed is generated. We can convert between all major international currencies.

Please note that many US-based shopping search engines require a US presence. Please contact the shopping engine's merchant support to confirm.

Supported Currencies

Albanian Lek - ALL
Algerian Dinar - DZD
Aluminium Ounces - XAL
Argentine Peso - ARS
Aruba Florin - AWG
Australian Dollar - AUD
Bahamian Dollar - BSD
Bahraini Dinar - BHD
Bangladesh Taka - BDT
Barbados Dollar - BBD
Belarus Ruble - BYR
Belize Dollar - BZD
Bermuda Dollar - BMD
Bhutan Ngultrum - BTN
Bolivian Boliviano - BOB
Botswana Pula - BWP
Brazilian Real - BRL
British Pound - GBP
Brunei Dollar - BND
Bulgarian Lev - BGN
Burundi Franc - BIF
CFA Franc (BEAC) - XAF
Cambodia Riel - KHR
Canadian Dollar - CAD
Cape Verde Escudo - CVE
Cayman Islands Dollar - KYD
Chilean Peso - CLP
Chinese Yuan - CNY
Colombian Peso - COP
Comoros Franc - KMF
Copper Pounds - XCP
Costa Rica Colon - CRC
Croatian Kuna - HRK
Cuban Peso - CUP
Czech Koruna - CZK
Danish Krone - DKK
Dijibouti Franc - DJF
Dominican Peso - DOP
East Caribbean Dollar - XCD
Ecuador Sucre - ECS
Egyptian Pound - EGP
El Salvador Colon - SVC
Eritrea Nakfa - ERN
Estonian Kroon - EEK
Ethiopian Birr - ETB
Euro - EUR
Falkland Islands Pound - FKP
Fiji Dollar - FJD
Gambian Dalasi - GMD
Ghanian Cedi - GHC
Gibraltar Pound - GIP
Gold Ounces - XAU
Guatemala Quetzal - GTQ
Guinea Franc - GNF
Guyana Dollar - GYD
Haiti Gourde - HTG
Honduras Lempira - HNL
Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
Hungarian Forint - HUF
Iceland Krona - ISK
Indian Rupee - INR
Indonesian Rupiah - IDR
Iran Rial - IRR
Iraqi Dinar - IQD
Israeli Shekel - ILS
Jamaican Dollar - JMD
Japanese Yen - JPY
Jordanian Dinar - JOD
Kazakhstan Tenge - KZT
Kenyan Shilling - KES
Kuwaiti Dinar - KWD
Lao Kip - LAK
Latvian Lat - LVL
Lebanese Pound - LBP
Lesotho Loti - LSL
Liberian Dollar - LRD
Libyan Dinar - LYD
Lithuanian Lita - LTL
Macau Pataca - MOP
Macedonian Denar - MKD
Malawi Kwacha - MWK
Malaysian Ringgit - MYR
Maldives Rufiyaa - MVR
Maltese Lira - MTL
Mauritania Ougulya - MRO
Mauritius Rupee - MUR
Mexican Peso - MXN
Moldovan Leu - MDL
Mongolian Tugrik - MNT
Moroccan Dirham - MAD
Myanmar Kyat - MMK
Namibian Dollar - NAD
Nepalese Rupee - NPR
Neth Antilles Guilder - ANG
New Zealand Dollar - NZD
Nicaragua Cordoba - NIO
Nigerian Naira - NGN
North Korean Won - KPW
Norwegian Krone - NOK
Omani Rial - OMR
Pacific Franc - XPF
Pakistani Rupee - PKR
Palladium Ounces - XPD
Panama Balboa - PAB
Papua New Guinea Kina - PGK
Paraguayan Guarani - PYG
Peruvian Nuevo Sol - PEN
Philippine Peso - PHP
Platinum Ounces - XPT
Polish Zloty - PLN
Qatar Rial - QAR
Romanian New Leu - RON
Russian Rouble - RUB
Rwanda Franc - RWF
Samoa Tala - WST
Sao Tome Dobra - STD
Saudi Arabian Riyal - SAR
Seychelles Rupee - SCR
Sierra Leone Leone - SLL
Silver Ounces - XAG
Singapore Dollar - SGD
Slovak Koruna - SKK
Slovenian Tolar - SIT
Solomon Islands Dollar - SBD
Somali Shilling - SOS
South African Rand - ZAR
South Korean Won - KRW
Sri Lanka Rupee - LKR
St Helena Pound - SHP
Sudanese Pound - SDG
Swaziland Lilageni - SZL
Swedish Krona - SEK
Swiss Franc - CHF
Syrian Pound - SYP
Taiwan Dollar - TWD
Tanzanian Shilling - TZS
Thai Baht - THB
Tonga Pa'ang - TOP
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar - TTD
Tunisian Dinar - TND
Turkish Lira - TRY
UAE Dirham - AED
Ugandan Shilling - UGX
Ukraine Hryvnia - UAH
United States Dollar - USD
Uruguayan New Peso - UYU
Vanuatu Vatu - VUV
Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte - VEF
Vietnam Dong - VND
Yemen Riyal - YER
Zambian Kwacha - ZMK
Zimbabwe dollar - ZWD

Checklist for Currency Setup for Product Feeds

Complete the steps below to ensure successful product feeds in non-USD currencies.

  1. Ensure that the correct currency code is entered on the Define Fields page of the feed for the price and sale_price fields.
  2. If the BigCommerce store supports multiple currencies, add "&setCurrencyId=N" to the link field.
  3. For Google Feeds, go to the Feed settings and ensure the Default Currency is set to the appropriate value.
  4. For Google Feeds, look at the countries assigned to the feed. For each country assigned to the feed, ensure that the Shipping Rates are in the same currency code.

Please contact for assistance with multi-currency product feeds.

International Google Shopping Feeds to the UK and Other Countries

Google Shopping requires you to submit a separate product feed for each country that you want to target. The feed content must be in the local language and currency.

If you have English-content, then we can set up Google Shopping feeds for the following, English-speaking countries:

  • United Kingdom (GBP - British Pound)
  • Switzerland (CHF - Swiss Franc)
  • Australia (AUD - Australian Dollar)
  • Canada (CAD - Canadian Dollar)

The feed will convert your US Dollar prices to the local currency automatically.

For all other countries, Google requires translated product listings. We do not provide translation services, but if you have content in the local language, we can submit your feed. (Our feeds are encoded as Unicode/UTF-8.)


You will need to make some modifications to your website to comply with the Google Shopping requirements for international product listings.

Google requires that the product price be displayed in the local currency on your product page.

It is not sufficient to select the currency based on the IP address of the visitor. The page must show the price in the local currency regardless of the visitor's location.

The ideal solution is to set up a URL parameter, like "currency=USD", that we can appended to each URL via your feed settings. Your store's product pages should be programmed to display the currency based on the URL parameter. Your store should remember the selected currency via a cookie, and have a drop-down box in the header to switch between currencies.

If you have a Yahoo Store, you can add the Currency Convertor Add-on for Yahoo Stores to your website.

At this time, it appears to be sufficient to provide a link or button to a currency convertor on your product pages, but this may not hold for much longer.

We recommend adding a widget or pop-up to your product pages, rather than linking to an external site, so you can keep visitors on your page.

Oanda provides a Free Currency Convertor Widget, as well as a subscription service specifically for merchants. Many other providers also provide free widgets. Just search Google for free currency converter widget.

We provide free currency conversion with our Standard feed service. Your product price in USD will be converted to another currency using the conversion rate (as provided by Yahoo! Finance) at the time the feed is generated.


There is no need to set up a separate Google Merchant Account or Adwords account. You can simply add the feeds into the same Merchant Account. You may need to add some additional shipping rules.

In your account on our site, we will create a copy of the feed with a different file name like googlebase-uk.txt, and add the currency conversion settings.

Example of Requirements for UK

  • Products must be listed in English.
  • Product landing pages must be in English.
  • Product prices must be listed in pounds sterling (GBP), including all applicable taxes [e.g. VAT tax] and charges except shipping.
  • Products must be shippable throughout the mainland UK. If you ship from outside the UK, your shop must cover all custom charges.

Google Shopping Canada

Please be aware that Product Listing Ads for Canada only appear on, because there is currently no equivalent to Google Shopping in Canada.

Multi-Language Feeds Character Set Support - UTF-8

Our system is implemented end-to-end with the UTF-8 character set, providing full compatibility with any language.

UTF-8 character set is used everywhere in the system, including how data is imported, how it is stored in our system, how it is displayed on our website, and in the feed files that are generated and submitted.

You can rest assured that international feeds in any language will be generated correctly by our system.

Often times, product catalogs built from a variety of sources will contain encoding errors that result in gibberish characters and text. This is frequently the case with content generated using Microsoft Office products, which use Windows-1252 encoding that translates poorly to UTF-8. Our system has the capability to automatically correct these errors if needed.