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What is the 'Daily Plus' Update Frequency option?

The ‘Daily Plus’ Update Frequency option is a feed setting that automatically uploads your latest product listings to the shopping engine within a short time (about 1 hr) of your Yahoo Store being published. It submits your feed a minimum of once per day, even if you do not publish your store.

This free feature enables you to meet Google's new high-quality data requirements and provide an excellent shopping experience to your shoppers. also recently announced a capability to accept more frequent data feed submissions.


  1. Log into My Account
  2. Click Manage for your Google feed
  3. Click Modify Settings
  4. Select the Daily Plus Update Frequency
  5. Click the Update button to save your settings

Additional Information

Your feed will be submitted a minimum of once per day even if you do not make any changes in your Yahoo Store.

This option is currently only available for Yahoo Stores. It is also restricted to shopping engines that prefer/allow multiple updates per day, namely, Google Shopping and Feeds will not be submitted if you have no credit balance, or if there are outstanding tasks for the feed.

Your feed will be automatically resubmitted (within about 1 hr) after you change field definitions on the Define Fields page for your feed. If you are testing changes, make sure to set your feed's update frequency to Never to temporarily pause the submissions.

We recommend enabling this option for all feeds, unless your product listings change independently of your Yahoo Store Publish function. For instance, this may occur if you have an external inventory status database. Contact us if you need scheduled submissions more often than Daily, e.g. every four hours.

As per our terms of service, submissions are made on a best effort basis, and no guarantee or warranty is made as to timeliness of submissions.


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Updated: June 19, 2015