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Simple programmed rules for Standard Feeds

The Standard feed service now supports simple, programmed rules for no extra monthly charge. These types of modifications can greatly optimize your feed and boost your ad rank.

We program these rules directly into your feed using PHP code, so we have much more flexibility than other systems. Other systems require you to manually enter cookie-cutter rules through a cumbersome, difficult to use interface. With our system, you just email us and we take care of it.

If you need some logic programmed into the feed, please send us your requirements and we can give you a quote. Depending on the work involved, we may do the programming for no charge.

For more advanced logic like inventory updates, you may require a Custom Feed. Otherwise, simple rules can cover the scenarios listed below.

  • Append, prepend, or concatenate (combine) one field with another field (e.g. append title to the description, and brand to the title)
  • Apply a simple price markup or adjustment (e.g. add VAT tax)
  • Translate unsupported values to supported values (e.g. translate "remanufactured" to "refurbished")
  • Find and replace, or remove text strings
  • Change case (e.g. change all-caps titles to title case)
  • Enforce MAP pricing
  • Multiply price times minimum order quantity to get minimum price