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Express Feed Setup

Take advantage of our expertise by purchasing our Express Feed Setup, which includes the valuable services below. We can help you get listed!

  • Setup
    • Configure your merchant account to receive feeds
    • Adding and configuring of one Standard data feed
    • Perform initial submission to shopping engine
    • Follow-up and resubmit as needed until feed is accepted
  • Optimization (Can be purchased separately as Data Feed Optimization)
    • Review your store catalog data.
    • Configure and add fields to effectively use your product data.
    • Suggest additional attributes that would be useful.
    • Provide advice on strategies for best ranking.
    • Quote for additional services, like Detailed Categorization or Multiplication.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for a merchant account using the shopping engine sign-up link
    • Verify your store, if applicable
    • Enter your store information, logo, tax and shipping settings, etc.
    • Set bids and fund your merchant account, if applicable
  2. Submit a setup request below

Request Feed Setup and Optimization - $89.00

Request Feed Setup and Optimization - Addnl Feed - $45.00

Do-it-yourself Setup

Use our extensive comparison shopping engine setup instructions to set up the feed on your own. We recommend doing so if you have the time, so that you can familiarize yourself with all our software offers. You can always contact us if you get stuck.

Note: Additional feed pricing applies to additional feed setups for the same store. Also, you are responsible for obtaining a merchant account with the shopping engine.