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Google Merchant Shipping Rate Setup Service


This service is for existing feed customers who have received an Inaccurate shipping warning from Google Merchant Center. It includes the following:

  • Review shipping rates in your online store (BigCommerce, Shopify, Yahoo Store, or Magento)
  • Review shipping rates in your Google Merchant Center account
  • Add or modify shipping rates in your Google Merchant Center Shipping Settings to match your online store
    (The minimum set of rates to meet Google requirements will be set up)
  • Test a few sample items to verify that the shipping rates match
  • Request review from Google Merchant Center to remove a suspension or warning (if needed)


$199 for one shipping rate

$50 per additional shipping rate

Suspension Removal Guarantee

If your Google Merchant Account is suspended or has a warning for Inaccurate shipping, we guarantee that the Inaccurate shipping account-level issue will be removed. If not a full refund will be provided.


  1. Grant access to Google Merchant Center:
    How to grant a user access to your Google Merchant Center account
  2. Grant permission to your online store admin:
    Refer to your store's documentation to add a user with permission to shipping settings.
  3. Submit Payment and Request for Service:
    Request Google Merchant Shipping Rate Setup - $199.00

Example of Google Warning for Inaccurate Shipping

Below is an example of the Inaccurate Shipping warning that you may receive by email from Google Merchant Center. The service above resolves this warning.

Merchant Center account presently does not meet the following Shopping Ads Product Data Specification requirements:

Inaccurate Shipping costs (due to inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page)

The shipping costs in your product data don't match the shipping costs on your product landing pages or at checkout on your website.

The shipping cost data in your feed or on your website may not match if you made changes on your website and did not update your product data in Google Merchant Center.

There are many shipping options that you can use to configure your shipping information. If these don't support your current shipping settings, you may choose to overestimate your shipping costs.

Using the correct product data will help optimize your ads' performance. Update your product data to meet the specifications on shipping.

Examples of violations: