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Supplier to Store Data Feed

Are you tired of manually updating spreadsheets and uploading images to your Yahoo! Store or BigCommerce store every time your supplier changes their pricing, inventory, or product selection? If so, then this service is for you.

We can set up an automatic, daily feed from your supplier directly into your Yahoo Store or BigCommerce store!

Request a Free Quote Today! or call us at 248-629-7958 if you have questions.

We have specialized software to bulk import very large supplier feeds in an efficient and reliable manner. We can push the limits of your shopping cart -- ~100k products for Yahoo Store and ~250k products for BigCommerce. The uploads are run every day, or according to a customized schedule.

This service includes all of the following:

  • Setup import of product, categorization, and/or inventory data files from the supplier. Screen-scraping available if necessary.
  • Setup fetching images from the supplier.
  • Setup of custom markup tables, shipping tables, category maps, title/description overrides, etc. in your own, private database with easy-to-use editing instructions.
  • Setup an Advanced Data Feed in the product catalog CSV upload format. Most feed features are included.
  • Programming of your custom business rules, such as pricing rules, description formatting, path mapping, MAP pricing rules, excluded products, stock status, etc.
  • Test upload with a few items - review and resubmit as needed.
  • Full upload with all items - review and resubmit as needed.
  • Set up an auto-upload of catalog and images to the store (flexible scheduling, logged, email notifications, on-demand execution)
  • Catalog upload is committed automatically, but you control when it is published.
  • Provide instructions on removing out-of-stock/discontinued items.

This service typically has a setup fee and a monthly hosting fee, which will vary based on the complexity of the supplier data and requirements. If you can provide a sample of the supplier data, we can provide you with a free quote.

Request a Free Quote Today! or call us at 248-629-7958 if you have questions.