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Product Feed Multiplication Service

Our Shopify and BigCommerce feeds can be configured as variant feeds for no extra charge. The service below is applicable to other e-commerce platforms, such as Yahoo Store, Magento, and AspDotNetStorefront.

Product multiplication allows you to submit multiple product listings to the shopping engines for each variant of your main product. Apparel, clothing, and shoe retailers can gain the most from this service, since they typically sell items by size and color. Rather than submitting one listing per item, you would submit one listing per size-color combination.

Google Shopping now requires availability information at the variant (size/color) level. Our multiplication service solves that problem by creating the variant listings and setting the correct availability (in stock or out of stock) for each variant.

We charge a standard setup fee per store for the first feed, and a lower price for subsequent feeds for the same store. This price includes the consulting, analysis, set-up, programming, optimization, and testing necessary to split the listings. Each feed must be upgraded to an Custom feed.

We can split the listings based on the options you have defined in your store. For example, we can split based on 'Color' and 'Size' options. Pricing and availability is automatically calculated for the variants based on the data in your store catalog.

If your variants have variant-specific attributes, such as availability, manufacturer part number (MPN), UPC, and images, we can give you options for providing that data to us. Generally, you can embed the data into your store in special format, or provide us with a CSV file containing the data. (A CSV file is a comma-separated values spreadsheet file that can be opened in Excel.) You would make the CSV file available on your website, and our system would pick it up from there each time it generates the data feed. The spreadsheet would need to contain the following columns:

  • main product ID or product Code
  • variant identifier
  • variant availability
  • variant manufacturer part number (MPN)
  • variant UPC
  • variant brand
  • variant image URL
  • other variant attributes as needed
  • variant option values, like size, color, flavor, etc.

Here is an example:

id     color   size           upc       mpn       image_url
item1  red     small          0123456   acme1901  http://./img1.jpg
item1  green   small          0123457   acme1902  http://./img2.jpg
item1  red     large (+1.00)  0123458   acme1903  http://./img3.jpg
item1  green   large (+1.00)  0123459   acme1904  http://./img4.jpg

This would result in 'item1' being multiplied. Any items not in the spreadsheet would not be multiplied. (Note, for Yahoo Stores, you can include price increments exactly as they are defined in your catalog.) The data can be arranged differently and we can accommodate, e.g. price in a separate column.

Note that we can not guarantee better sales/traffic from multiplication. In general, the results have been neutral to positive. However, since Google now requires brand, upc, mpn, image, color, size, etc. for each variant, this service has become more important for good results.

Request Yahoo Store Variant Feed Setup - $199.00

Request Variant Multiplication - Addnl Feed - $99.00