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Google Tax and Shipping Settings Announced

Dec 2, 2008

Google Base recently added the ability to define tax and shipping settings for your data feeds. Their announcement is here.

It is strongly recommended that you configure account-level default values in your Google Base account. This is the easiest way to set up your tax and shipping settings. Just log into your Google Merchant Center account and click the tax and shipping tabs.

Just a reminder, to get the best placement in Google Base, it is recommended to refresh your data feeds more frequently. According to Google Base: "Refresh your bulk uploads to keep your data up to date. Our algorithm will demote items that are not refreshed regularly." (Source)

To get the maximum exposure, you can set your feed's submission frequency to 'Daily' and set the 'Ignore Published Date' setting to 'Yes' in your feed settings. While there will be extra submission fees, those may be offset if you obtain higher rankings. (Note, we can not guarantee ranking.)

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