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Archived News for 2008

Google connect timed out error - Dec 17, 2008
Many Google submission tasks failed with the error, "connect() timed out", when connecting to Yahoo stores. These tasks were resubmitted later in the morning, and fees for these tasks were refunded.
Google repeat submissions issue - Dec 14, 2008
After performing some upgrades to the system on Thursday/Friday, a system error occurred where your Google feed may have been submitted even if it should not have been. Due to this error, we refunded all charges for automated Google submissions submitted on Saturday morning (Dec. 13th, 2008). ... Read More
Google Tax and Shipping Settings Announced - Dec 2, 2008
Google Base recently added the ability to define tax and shipping settings for your data feeds. Their announcement is here. It is strongly recommended that you configure account-level default values in your Google Base account. This is the easiest way to set up your tax and shipping... Read More
Google Checkout Instant Payment Support Added - Nov 7, 2008
Our system now posts your payment instantly when you purchase credit using Google Checkout.
Up to 10 Custom Fields Supported for Google - Oct 7, 2008
Google feeds now support up to ten custom fields (up from five).
Google and MSN Feeds Issue Resolved - Aug 7, 2008
On Sunday morning, August 3rd, data feeds to Google Base/MSN Live had an error where all the fields were being single-quoted. This error was fixed, and all feeds were resubmitted later that day for no charge. You may see an email with subject "Data feed upload failure" or... Read More
Server Stability Update - Mar 17, 2008
The server stability issue has been identified and resolved. The system is back to normal.
Server Stability Issue - Mar 13, 2008
Our server is experiencing some stability issues, which we are working to resolve. Some tasks may fail with an internal system error, or take longer than expected to complete.
Image Hosting Service and MSN Live Product Upload Feed - Mar 8, 2008
We launched a beta of an image hosting service and a data feed to MSN Live Product Upload.
SSL Encryption Now Offered - Feb 21, 2008
We added SSL encryption to the login and account pages. We renamed "bulk upload" files to "data feed" files, to follow Google Base convention.