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Changes to Google 'price' Attribute and Other News

May 13, 2011

In order to ensure that your lowest price is always displayed in Google search results, effective immediately, we have modified all Yahoo Store to Google feeds (Basic and Advanced) as follows:

  • Google's 'price' attribute is set to come from the Yahoo 'sale-price' field. If sale-price is blank, then the regular price is used.
  • Google's 'sale_price' attribute is always left blank.

The reason for this change is that Google does not seem to be displaying pricing from the 'sale_price' attribute in search results, even though they said those prices would be featured. After the modifications above, the pricing is back to the way it was prior to March 30, 2011. In the future, due to its ambiguous nature, we will not be using Google's 'sale_price' attribute, except upon your request.

No action needs to be taken by you for this change. Your feed will be automatically resubmitted according to the schedule you have selected. (Advanced feeds with special pricing rules are not affected by this change.)

Update on robots.txt issue from April 12, 2011
Regarding the 'robots.txt' file that was preventing Google from accessing your product images, this is no longer an issue. Yahoo Store changed the robots.txt file so that the images are no longer excluded from indexing by robots. No action needs to be taken.
New ShopTab Facebook Data Feed
We have added a new data feed to ShopTab for Facebook. To learn more about ShopTab, please visit For setup instructions, please see Shoptab Categories and Facebook Shoptab Data Feed Setup
See our complete list of supported shopping engines. (Note that Amazon Product Ads is currently running a $75 free clicks offer.)
New Source Data Analysis
Under "Manage Feed > Analyze Source Data", you can now see the list of fields in your Yahoo/Magento/AspDotNetStorefront store. A graphical representation of blank values and distinct values is also provided. If you click a field name, an analysis of the data in that field is presented. We are planning many more enhancements to this analysis tool, with the goal of helping you understand your data and optimize your feeds. (Currently, this feature is limited to stores with under 10,000 items.)
New Look for Aten Software
We will soon be launching a fresh, new look for the Aten Software website, along with a new logo. We will send another announcement when the redesign is completed, but we want you to be aware that the change is coming.

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