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Google Feed Error, Legacy Stores, and Perpetual Sales

Apr 11, 2011

You may have received a "data feed file status" notification from Google saying "No items inserted" on April 10, 2011. Please ignore this error, as it appears that it was a temporary issue on Google's end. Feeds today were accepted by their system without issues, and our system has been operating normally as well.

On another topic, if you have a legacy store and are wondering how you can comply with Google's new requirements for product identifiers (brand, upc, mpn), please review the following support topic for a workaround: How do I add custom fields to a legacy Yahoo store?

Finally, if your items are on perpetual sale, please refer to the article below for instructions on configuring your Google feed. 'Perpetual sale' means your sale price is always lower then the regular price, and you have never sold items at the regular price. Configuring the price and sale price fields for perpetual sale items

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