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Shopify Google Shopping Feed Service and More

Our Shopify Google Shopping product feed provides a well-supported, high data-quality, and reliable data feed submission for a flat monthly rate. There is no need to install our app; just register directly on our website. We read the product data from your store using the Shopify API (read-only access), generate a feed file, and upload it to Google, Bing, etc. by FTP. The entire process is fully automated and monitored by us, and you only have to add credit to your account.

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With over 15 years experience, we can provide exceptional support, troubleshooting, and advice for feed data quality and technical issues. Read on for unique and advanced features of our Shopify data service.


Shopify Google Feed Unique Features

  • Smart Fields improve apparel attribute, GTIN/UPC, and product_type data quality.
  • Product-level meta fields, variant-level meta-fields, and named options.
  • Collection titles, handles, and meta-fields for both smart and custom collections.
  • Standardized product type
  • Multi-location inventory and inventory item cost
  • Image alt text
  • We can create single-variation per item feeds, where only the lowest-cost variant for each item is included.
  • Reliable service with automatic retry logic for over a dozen API error conditions.
  • We support extremely large product catalogs with millions of products.
  • We can custom program your feed - Request a Free Quote

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Supported Shopping Channels

  • Shopify Amazon Marketplace Data Feed
  • Shopify Bing Ads Data Feed
  • Shopify ClixGalore Data Feed
  • Shopify Commission Junction Data Feed
  • Shopify Connexity/Shopzilla Data Feed
  • Shopify Facebook Product Ads Data Feed
  • Shopify Fruugo Data Feed
  • Shopify Google Local Inventory Data Feed
  • Shopify Google Shopping Data Feed
  • Shopify Pepperjam Data Feed
  • Shopify Pinterest Shopping Data Feed
  • Shopify ShareASale Data Feed
  • Shopify Data Feed
  • Shopify SnapChat Data Feed
  • Shopify Sortprice Data Feed
  • Shopify Wholesale Central Data Feed
  • View All Shopify Data Feeds

Feed Features

  • Daily submissions
  • One flat rate with no contract (pay-as-you-go, cancel anytime)
  • Filter or exclude products by any criteria
  • Feature-rich feed management dashboard
  • E-mail and phone technical support included

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