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Do you support Amazon data feeds?

We support some data feeds to Amazon. Please be aware that Amazon has several different programs through which you may submit your item listings.

Selling on Amazon (Amazon Marketplace) and WebStore

The Selling on Amazon program allows you to sell your items directly on Amazon's main website. You are listed as a third-party seller. Shoppers checkout on Amazon's site, and you pay Amazon a commission on the sale.

Amazon also offers a WebStore service. This allows you to create a full e-commerce store with your own domain name and logo.

Both the Marketplace and WebStore have the same general feed requirements.

Price/Inventory Feed

This type of feed sends Amazon the quantity in stock, product ID (UPC), and selling price only. The item must already exist in the Amazon Marketplace, and you must provide a valid UPC code. If you meet those two requirements, we can set up a Custom feed that runs automatically every day (or on the schedule you prefer).

For additional details, see here: Amazon Inventory Loader and Price and Quantity Update Feeds or contact us for a quote.

New Items Feed

This type of feed is primarily used to add items to Amazon that do not already exist in the Amazon Marketplace.

The requirements for adding new items are onerous and very complex. You should be prepared to do massive content work on your product catalog, item-by-item. At a bare minimum, Amazon requires that you specify a UPC code, product type, and item type for each item. Additional requirements vary by category. Please contact Amazon for requirements for your category.

We are currently not supporting New Items feeds for Amazon.

If you already have a working and tested spreadsheet that you upload to Amazon, we can program your rules into our system and set the feed up to run automatically. Please contact us for a quote.

Amazon Merchant Web Services (MWS)

We now support automated upload to Amazon's "Selling on Amazon" and other merchant programs via Amazon Merchant Web Services (MWS). This is a highly reliable, secure, and functional upload method provided by Amazon, and requires zero user-interaction once set up.