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Facebook Product Ads Campaign Setup

I. Log into your Facebook Business Manager Account

  1. Go to - Facebook Business Manager
  2. If you do not have an account, click Get Started to sign up.

II. Create a Product Catalog

  1. In the left side-bar, click Product Catalogs. (It will be under the Business Settings heading if you have the pull-down menu activated.)
  2. Click the Add New Product Catalog button.
  3. Select Create new catalog and click Next.
  4. Enter your store name as the product catalog name, and click the Create Product Catalog button.
  5. Click Skip in the Add People dialog.
  6. Click OK in the Product Catalog Created dialog.

III. Assign a Partner to your Product Catalog

  1. If you are setting up the Product Feed on your own, refer to our Setup Instructions. Otherwise, assign us as a Partner as described here.

IV. Create a Campaign

In your Facebook Business account, go to Ads Manager and create a new Producct Ads or Dynamic Ads campaign. Select the catalog you created above as the Catalog for the campaign. Be sure to fund and activate your campaign.

See here for the complete instructions:
Create a Dynamic Ad Capmaign