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How to Refresh a Facebook Product Catalog Feed Immediately

Facebook/Instagram feeds set to update Daily normally refresh once per day in the overnight/early morning hours.

To refresh the feed on-demand and see the new/updated products in your Facebook Business Manager account, follow these steps.

  1. Go to My Account, and click Manage Feed for the Facebook feed.
  2. Click the Refresh button, and then wait for the task to complete.
  3. Go to Business settings > Catalogs in your Facebook/Meta account
  4. Select the Catalog and click the Open in Commerce Manager button
  5. Click Data Sources in the side-bar menu
  6. Click on the Data feed you want to update
  7. Click the Upload now button on the Settings tab
  8. Click the Request update now button

For a small to medium sized stores, allow Facebook 30-60 minutes to process the feed and make the updates live. For large stores, allow an hour or two more.

The instructions above assume that you have a Data source configured with an automated Replace schedule to fetch the feed from a URL, as described in our Facebook/Instagram Feed Setup Guide.


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Updated: March 31, 2023