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Facebook Product Ads Feed Setup Instructions

We support Facebook for Business product feeds. You can use this feed to upload your product catalog to Facebook Product Ads.

  1. Add and configure a new feed in your account, selecting the Facebook Product Ads template.
  2. Refresh the feed to make sure the data feed file is generated.
  3. Create a Business Manager account on Facebook for Business.
  4. Log into your Facebook for Business account.
  5. Click the Business Manager menu at the top-left of the page, and then select Catalogs.
  6. Click the Create Catalog button.
  7. Select E-commerce - Products, and then click Next.
  8. Select Upload Product Info, set the catalog owner, enter your store name as the catalog name, and click Next.
  9. Click the View Catalog button (or, go to Business Manager > Catalogs and click on the new Product Catalog).
  10. Go to Catalog > Data Sources.
  11. Click the Add Items button.
  12. Select Use Bulk Upload and click Next.
  13. Select Scheduled Feed and click Next.
  14. Enter the Data Feed URL, which can be found in our site, on the My Account > Manage > Download Data Feed File page.
  15. Leave Username and Password blank, and click Next.
  16. Select Daily At 8:00 AM GMT-04:00 (America/New York).
    (Feeds will be refreshed by 8:00 AM Eastern time or earlier.)
  17. Toggle off the Add automatic updates setting.
  18. Enter a name like "Acme Store Feed via AtenSoftware" in the Name your data source box.
  19. Click the Upload button.

Don't forget to set up and fund your Facebook Product Ads campaign.


Facebook Product Ads Feed

Lasted Updated: April 1, 2021