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Facebook Product Ads / Instagram Shop Feed Setup Instructions

We support Facebook for Business product feeds. The same feed can be used for Instagram Shop (single-image, carousel, or collection format). You can use this feed to populate your Product Catalog data source in Facebook (Meta) Commerce Manager.

  1. Add and configure a new feed in your account, selecting the Facebook Product Ads template.
  2. Refresh the feed to make sure the data feed file is generated.
  3. Create a Business Manager account on Facebook for Business.
  4. Log into the Meta (Facebook) Commerce Manager
  5. In the Catalogs section, click the + Add catalog button.
  6. Select Ecommerce - Products sold online, and then click Next.
  7. Select Upload Product Info, set the catalog owner, enter your store name as the catalog name, and click Create.
  8. Click the View Catalog button.
  9. Go to Catalog > Data Sources or click the Add Items button.
  10. Select Data feed and click Next.
  11. Select Yes for Are you ready to upload your spreadsheet or file? and then click Next.
  12. Select Use a URL on the Choose how to upload your file page.
  13. Enter the Data Feed URL, which can be found in our site, on the My Account > Manage > Download Data Feed File page.
  14. Leave Username and Password blank, and click Next.
  15. Select Daily
  16. Select a time of 09:45 AM GMT-05:00 (America/New York) (This page will show a slightly different time each time you reload the page, so that feed retrievals are spread out over time.)
  17. Disable the Add automatic updates setting, if you see it.
  18. Click the Next button.
  19. Click the Next button again on the Confirm settings and upload page.
  20. Click the Upload button on the Fix Column Issues page.
  21. Click the Settings tab.
  22. Click the Edit button for the Name field.
  23. Enter a name like "Acme Store Feed via AtenSoftware" and then click Save. This step is optional, but greatly helps us find your feed in our Business Manager account.

Don't forget to set up and fund your Facebook Product Ads campaign or Instagram Shop.


Facebook Product Ads Feed

Updated: March 8, 2023