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DIY Step 2: Create a Pinterest Catalog Data Source

  1. Login to the Data Sources tab of Pinterest > Ads > Catalogs
  2. Click the Add data source button (or Edit if a data source is already configured)
  3. Name - Enter your store name followed by " via Aten Software".
  4. Product feed URL - Copy and paste the File URL from the Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File page on our site
    EXAMPLE: p400_12345.php
  5. File format - CSV
  6. Default availability - NONE
  7. Product feed login details - Leave Username and Password blank
  8. Country/Region, Language, Default Currency - Choose what matches your store
  9. Time - Enter 09:45 AM (This is a random time between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM)
  10. Timezone - GMT-04:00 America/New_York
  11. Click the Create Pins button
  12. Sometimes the Create Pins button may be disabled or grayed out, and you will not be able to proceed. We are not sure why this happens, but you can try one or more of the following: a) click somewhere else on the page b) add your billing information c) verify and claim your website URL d) try again a day or two later.

On the initial setup, the Status will appear as Pending, and Reporting Status will show Under review, This usually takes 1-2 days. Return to the page in a day or two to check the processing report.

DIY Step 3: View Errors in Pinterest Catalog Processing Report