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DFY Step 1: Grant access to your Pinterest Ads Catalogs

  1. Login to Pinterest Ads Manager
  2. Click Ads > Catalogs from the top-left menu
  3. If you see a red Get Started button, click it. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
  4. Click the down arrow next to your name on the top-right
  5. Click the View account settings button for the desired Ads account
  6. Click the Add people button
  7. Enter the following email address:
  8. Press Enter to run the search
  9. Toggle only the Catalogs permission
  10. Click the Add to account button

DFY Step 2: Create a Pinterest Data Feed

Reference: Pinterest Ads: Add people to your ads account

Note: DFY means 'Done For You'. These instructions cover the prerequisites you must complete so we can do the feed setup and optimization for you.