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DFY Step 1: Grant access to your Pinterest Ads Catalogs

  1. Go to Pinterest Business Manager
  2. Make sure Your business is selected in the top
  3. Click the Partners tab
  4. Click the red Add partner button
  5. Select the option labelled:
    Invite this partner to access to your ad accounts and tools
  6. Enter the following Partner business ID
  7. Click the Add partner button
  8. Select your Ad Account on the left
  9. Click the Catalogs checkbox. No other permissions are needed.
  10. Click the Assign permissions button

We will receive a "You've been invited to partner" email and the process will be completed once we accept the invitation.

DFY Step 2: Create a Pinterest Data Feed

Reference: Share and manage access to your ad accounts

Note: DFY means 'Done For You'. These instructions cover the prerequisites you must complete so we can do the feed setup and optimization for you.