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DIY Step 1: Create a Pinterest Data Feed

Create a Pinterest Data Feed

  1. Go to My Account > Add Feed
  2. Fill in the form and select the Pinterest Template, then click the Create Feed button
  3. Continue to the Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings page
  4. Configure the Store Source settings using the instructions for your e-commerce platform
  5. Leave the FTP Settings blank, select Daily, and then click the Update button.

    NOTE: Pinterest feeds are fetched from our server, not uploaded by FTP to Pinterest. Therefore, FTP settings are not required for these feeds.

  6. Continue to the Test Feed Settings page and confirm there are no errors
  7. Go to the Manage Feed page
  8. Click the Refresh button. (It runs in the background.)
  9. Go to the Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File page
  10. Copy the File URL for use in Step 2

DIY Step 2: Create a Pinterest Catalog Data Source