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BigCommerce vs Yahoo Store vs Magento vs Volusion Comparison

This article provides a high-level comparison of the following shopping carts: BigCommerce, Yahoo Store/Merchant Solutions, Magento Commerce, Volusion, and AspDotNetStorefront

We often get asked by merchants who are interested in switching e-commerce platforms about what platform we recommend. This is a difficult question to answer, because each platform has several hundred features, and the needs of a merchant vary. While we do not provide consulting on this, here are some opinions to consider as you research the platforms.

February 2018 Update: This list is sorted by number of feeds added in the last 18 months by customers using our service, and should give you an indication of the current most-popular e-commerce platforms.

1. Shopify

  • Monthly fee plus a transaction fee
  • No transaction fee if you use Shopify Payments for credit cards
  • Unlimited products and bandwidth
  • Excellent API support
  • We have full support for your Shopify Google Shopping Product Feed

2. BigCommerce

  • Flat, monthly pricing based on sales volume
  • Excellent API support
  • Good technical support
  • Simple customization via templates
  • We have full BigCommercedata feed support
  • We are a BigCommerce Partner - Sign up here

3. Magento

  • Free, open-source software; you only pay for hosting
  • We recommend Magento Hosting because this software is demanding
  • Server/hosting plan administration knowledge may be required
  • Supported, Enterprise edition starts at over $1,000/month.
  • Excellent API support
  • Open-source code base; Hire your own PHP developer; Although PHP is widespread, it may be difficult to find a good developer.
  • Extensive set of add-ons and fully customizable
  • We have full support for your Magento Google Shopping Product Feed

4. Yahoo Store

  • Outdated platform
    • Incomplete API support
    • Poor out-of-the-box SEO optimizations
    • Poor out-of-the-box mobile support
    • Undocumented and arcane customization language (RTML)
  • Monthly fee plus 1.5% to 0.75% sales commission
  • Auto-scaling, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage
  • Free phone support
  • We specialize in the Yahoo Store Google Shopping Feed

5. Volusion

  • Flat monthly pricing based on number of products and bandwidth; Beware of costly overage
  • Excellent API support
  • Good support
  • We have full support for your Volusion Google Shopping Product Feed

6. AspDotNetStorefront

  • Hosted plans start at $180/month
  • Or you can self-host and buy the source code for $5500
  • Server/hosting plan administration knowledge may be required
  • Performance may be slow without adequate hosting
  • Easy to customize by modifying templates or hiring an ASP.Net developer
  • Excellent API support
  • We have full support for your AspDotNetStorefront Google Shopping Product Feed

Besides platform choice, you have to consider disruption to your SEO ranking and business, which can be very costly. Please see Yahoo Small Business Spinning Off; Re-platforming Advice for an excellent discussion.

We do not endorse or recommend any specific vendor. The information on this page may be out-of-date and only represents an opinion for informational purposes. Please verify all information directly with the vendor.