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Volusion Google Shopping Feed Service and More

Our Volusion Google Shopping product feed service supports all versions of Volusion stores going back to Version 5. To connect our system to your store, you simply add a user to your Volusion Admin Area with permissions to export products. Our system logs in as that user, runs the Store Export for the Products table, generates a TXT feed file, and uploads it to Google Shopping, Bing, etc. by FTP. The entire process is fully automated!


Volusion Shopping Feed Unique Features

  • We support the largest Volusion stores, e.g. 50,000+ products, for no extra charge.
  • We can extract extended data, such as Deal of the Day, Swatch Images, or any Saved Exports / Query Bank queries.
  • We can generate variant feeds using the Options and OptionCategories exports.
  • We notify you automatically if a Volusion password reset is needed.

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Supported Shopping Channels

  • Volusion Bing Ads Data Feed
  • Volusion Connexity/Shopzilla Data Feed
  • Volusion Custom Feed Data Feed
  • Volusion Facebook Product Ads Data Feed
  • Volusion Google Shopping Data Feed
  • Volusion Pinterest Shopping Data Feed
  • Volusion ShareASale Data Feed
  • Volusion Wholesale Central Data Feed
  • View All Volusion Data Feeds

Feed Features

  • Daily submissions
  • Unlimited products, one flat rate with no contract
  • Filter or exclude products by any criteria
  • Feature-rich feed management dashboard
  • E-mail and phone technical support included

To get started, please Register Today!