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Facebook Product Ads Feed

Facebook Product Ads Campaign Setup

I. Log into your Facebook Business Manager Account

  1. Go to - Facebook Business Manager
  2. If you do not have an account, click Get Started to sign up.

II. Create a Product Catalog

  1. In the left side-bar, click Product Catalogs. (It will be under the Business Settings heading if you have the pull-down menu activated.)
  2. Click the Add New Product Catalog button.
  3. Select Create new catalog and click Next.
  4. Enter your store name as the product catalog name, and click the Create Product Catalog button.
  5. Click Skip in the Add People dialog.
  6. Click OK in the Product Catalog Created dialog.

III. Assign a Partner to your Product Catalog

  1. If you are setting up the Product Feed on your own, refer to our Setup Instructions. Otherwise, assign us as a Partner as described next.
  2. Log into your Facebook Business Manager account.
  3. Navigate to Business Manager Settings.
  4. In the side-bar along the left side of the screen, click the icon for Product Catalogs. (It will be under the Business Settings heading if you have the pull-down menu activated.)
  5. Click the Assign Partner button for your store's Product Catalog.
  6. Click the Connect your product catalog using your partner’s business ID instead. Close link
  7. Select Product Catalog Admin in the Role drop-down.
  8. Enter our Business ID 1122558261092024 and click Connect.
  9. Contact us and let us know you have given us access.

IV. Create a Campaign and Ad Set

ATTENTION: At this time, you must use the Google Chrome web browser and Facebook Power Editor in order to set up a Dynamic Product Ads campaign. You will not find any option to add the campaign otherwise.

See here for the complete instructions:
How do I create a dynamic product ad in Power Editor?

Facebook Product Ads Feed Setup Instructions

We support Facebook for Business product feeds. You can use this feed to upload your product catalog to Facebook Product Ads.

  1. Add and configure a new feed in your account, selecting the Facebook Product Ads template.
  2. Refresh the feed to make sure the data feed file is generated.
  3. Create a Business Manager account on Facebook for Business.
  4. Log into your Facebook for Business account.
  5. Click menu arrow in the top-right of the page, and then click the Manage Business link to get to your Business Manager account.
  6. Click on the Settings tab.
  7. Click the Product Catalogs link in the side-bar.
  8. Click Add New Product Catalog and follow the steps.
  9. Go back to your Business Manager Home and click on the new Product Catalog
  10. Click Add Product Feed.
  11. Enter your store name as the Feed Name.
  12. Select Auto upload through URL (Recommended).
  13. Enter the Feed URL, which can be found in our site, on the My Account > Manage > Download Data Feed File page.
  14. Choose the following settings:
    Encoding: UTF-8
    Delimiter: Tab
    Use quoted fields: unchecked
    Credentials Username: leave blank
    Credentials Password: leave blank
    Upload Date: leave at default
    Upload Time: 8:00 AM
    (Feeds will be refreshed by 8:00 AM or earlier in any continental US time zone.)

    Upload Frequency: Daily
  15. Click the Schedule Upload button.
  16. Don't forget to set up and fund your Facebook Product Ad campaign.
Facebook Product Ads Optimization Strategy

Because visitors to Facebook do not have an explicit shopping intent (compared to someone who searches for a product in a search engine), advertising in Facebook takes a different mindset. According to the experts, Facebook Product Ads may be the most effective for branding, and using it for retargeting may the best place to start. Read on for more information about this new advertising program and how to set it up.