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Froogle Feed Stop-Gap Submission and System Updates

Apr 8, 2007

We have made a small change to the way Froogle feeds are submitted. In order to ensure continuity of your listings, submissions attempts will be made on a daily basis whenever an actively scheduled feed is determined to be expired. An active feed is considered expired if approximately 30 days have passed since the last successful submission. This change will help prevent your listings from going inactive in Google Base/Froogle in certain situations.

We made a small change in the user interface. When you click buttons to submit processing requests, such as retrievals or submissions, the task will always be executed regardless of the last published date of your store. Thus, you no longer have to manually reset the last published version dates when resubmitting a feed via the website.

We also detected and fixed a few errors in the system, and some of you may notice refunds in your account history. In February, we detected an error in the Froogle submissions where the last submitted publishment date was being ignored. This caused feeds to be uploaded even if they were already up-to-date. Therefore, we refunded all Froogle feed submission charges between 2007-02-19 6AM and 2007-02-25 3PM EST for all accounts.

We had changed the system for a short time to enclose fields in double-quotes. However, this was later disabled, as most bulk upload files were configured with this option off. The extra double-quotes had only a cosmetic effect, and did not effect searchability of the products.

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