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Archived News for 2007

Google Base Feed 'label' Field Deprecated - Jul 30, 2007
The "label" field has been deprecated by Google Base, so we have renamed it to a custom field called "store_department". This field contains your Yahoo store path or category information.
Website Down Time - Jun 26, 2007
The website was down for about half an hour around 3pm due to a server issue at our hosting provider.
Yahoo Sale Price Issue - Jun 6, 2007
Yahoo recently placed the Sale Price in a separate field in their store export (objinfo.xml) file. This caused our system to pick up the full price instead. We changed the system Friday morning to read from the new field. Thus, your next, scheduled submissions to Google Product Search will... Read More
Froogle Feed Stop-Gap Submission and System Updates - Apr 8, 2007
We have made a small change to the way Froogle feeds are submitted. In order to ensure continuity of your listings, submissions attempts will be made on a daily basis whenever an actively scheduled feed is determined to be expired. An active feed is considered expired if approximately 30 days... Read More
New Google Base Attributes - Feb 18, 2007
Our system now supports the new attributes required by Google Base, including brand, condition, product type, and expiration date. Yahoo store merchants have a number of options for populating this data.
Google FTP Issue Update - Feb 15, 2007
The issues that affected Google's FTP server have been resolved.
Google FTP Issue and Alert Service - Feb 11, 2007
Google's FTP server has been refusing connections sporadically over the past several weeks. We offset this by implementing automatic connection retries. However, their FTP server has become progressively worse, and this weekend (Feb. 10-11, 2007), it did not accept any... Read More
Google Base New Product Attributes - Jan 31, 2007
Some customers may have received an email from Google Base indicating that they will require additional product attributes in the bulk upload file beginning March 2007. Please rest assured that we will implement these new attributes well before then, as we did when Froogle converted to Google... Read More
Pricing Changes Reminder - Jan 1, 2007
As indicated earlier, the account service fee of $0.15 per day (about $4.50 per month) takes effect on January 1, 2007. All other pricing remains the same. To reflect this and other changes, the terms of service have been updated. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with data feed... Read More