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Google FTP Issue and Alert Service

Feb 11, 2007

Google's FTP server has been refusing connections sporadically over the past several weeks. We offset this by implementing automatic connection retries. However, their FTP server has become progressively worse, and this weekend (Feb. 10-11, 2007), it did not accept any connections.

Google will likely correct the problem with the server soon. Customer's with infrequent submissions may want to review the status of their feeds in Google Base. Once the FTP server is responding again, you may want to resubmit manually.

To guard against your Froogle product listings becoming inactive without you knowing, consider setting up a Google Base Alert in our system. An alert will notify you by email when your product count in Froogle goes to zero (or any other threshold). You can configure it to check the listings from daily to monthly, and the cost for each check is only $0.05. There is a "Wizard" button to help you set up alerts for each store.

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