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Google Base New Product Attributes

Jan 31, 2007

Some customers may have received an email from Google Base indicating that they will require additional product attributes in the bulk upload file beginning March 2007. Please rest assured that we will implement these new attributes well before then, as we did when Froogle converted to Google Base in June 2006.

The five new required attributes are 'id', 'brand', 'condition', 'expiration_date', and 'product_type'. 'id' is currently being submitted. 'expiration_date' will always be set to the latest allowed date. The remaining three fields, 'brand', 'condition', and 'product_type', are not available by default in your Yahoo Store product table. For those fields, we will provide options in your feed settings to populate the fields. These may include sending blank values, default values, or values pulled from your store's custom fields (as is done for feeds). We expect that for many merchants, sending blank or default values will be sufficient. We will provide further instructions soon. data feed services will return to normal pricing tomorrow, February 1, 2007.

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