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How do I pause, delete, or cancel a data feed?

OPTION 1: Pause or Suspend a Data Feed

To pause a feed, complete these steps:

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Go to Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings
  3. Set the Update Frequency to Never
  4. Click the Update button

Even though the feed is stopped, you will still be charged for 30 days for this feed. (This is because many shopping engines expire your listings after about 30 days.) After that, the fees stop automatically.

You can leave a data feed paused/suspended for at least one year, and usually longer. We typically delete unused feeds over one year only if the account is inactive and the specifications have gone out of date.

OPTION 2: Archive a Data Feed (Suspends Billing Immediately)

If you wish to pause a feed and stop the billing for the feed immediately, please contact us and we can archive your feed by moving it to another account. You would contact us again to move it back into your account.

OPTION 3: Permanently Delete or Cancel a Data Feed

To delete your feed, just go to Manage Feed > Delete Feed and click Delete. All the settings and history for this feed will not be recoverable. (We can manually restore settings from backup, but there may be a fee involved.)

When you delete the feed, the fees stop immediately. Take a screenshot of the Define Fields, Modify Settings, and other pages if you want to delete a feed temporarily, and perhaps add it back later. You would have to manually add it back. You can add/remove feeds at any time.

Merchant Accounts are not Touched

The actions above only stop the product data feed from being submitted to the destination. Pausing, archiving, or deleting a feed does NOT:

  • Remove or delete active product listings from the destination. Listings typically remain active for 30 days from the last feed submission, depending on the channel.
  • Stop any running ad campaigns
  • Cancel or close the merchant account of the destination

The above steps must be completed by you, at your discretion.