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FTP Password Reset Instructions for Each Shopping Engine

General Instructions

View Your Feeds

  • Go to My Account on our website. (Log in if prompted.)
  • Feeds are displayed in a table with their current update frequency and last activity date.

Reset Password for a Feed

  • Use the password reset instructions (in the section below) for the specific shopping engine.
  • Go to My Account on our website
  • Click the Manage link in the table of feeds for the feed you are working on.
  • Click the Modify Settings link.
  • Enter the new password in the FTP Password box.
  • Click the Update button.
  • Click the Test Settings for this feed link.
  • Confirm that the Checking FTP Credentials... result is Success

Instructions for each Shopping Engine

Google Shopping

Bing Shopping

  • Go to Bing Ads and log in
  • Click on Tools > Bing Merchant Center from the top menu
  • Click on your store name
  • Click the FTP Settings tab
  • Enter a new password in the Password and Confirm password boxes.
    At least one number and one symbol are required.
    Here is a random one for your convenience:
    It is regenerated each time this page is reloaded.

Connexity (Shopzilla / PriceGrabber)

Connexity does not provide a method for resetting the FTP password without contacting them.


Shareasale does not provide a method for resetting the FTP password without contacting them. However, they restrict uploads by IP address too, so it is safe to do nothing. The only time you may want to contact them to reset the FTP password is if you receive many notifications about unauthorized uploads.

Custom Feeds and Other Shopping Engines

Please contact us if you need assistance resetting the FTP password.