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Difference between Bing Rich Captions and Product Listing Ads

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Bing Rich Captions and Bing Product Listing Ads are two different programs.

Bing Rich Captions are free. By submitting a feed, Bing will display your product price, stock status, etc. next to your organic search results.

Bing Product Listing Ads (PLA) are pay-per-click ads that appear to the side of the organic results as advertisements. The ads will display your product image, price, description, etc.

The feeds we submit to Bing work for either program. At this time, Bing PLA are in beta, and you may not be able to sign up until the program opens to the public. Check with Bing Ads regarding that.

Both programs are opt-in only. You opt-in by checking a checkbox in your Bing Merchant Account when you set up your account.