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Configure Feed Source Settings for Magento Connect Extension

  1. Go to System > Manage Stores in your Magento Admin.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Store View Name of the store you want to use, and note the ID number. It is typically 1, but could be anywhere from 1 to 10 or more. If you do not see it as a tooltip, look at the URL of the link to find the store_id parameter.
  3. In our site, go to Manage Feed > Modify Settings for your Magento feed (assuming you have added it already).
  4. Enter the API URL as follows into the Product Catalog URL setting:
    Make sure to replace the bold parts in the above URL with the API username, API password, domain, and ID number of your store.
  5. To determine the correct API URL for your store site, you can look at the Base URL setting under System > Configuration in the main menu, in the General > Web > Unsecure section. The URL will be that with /api at the end.
  6. To test the API connection, go to Manage Feed > Test Settings after saving the settings. You will see the results of a test connection with detailed error message.

Technical Settings

The settings below are technical in nature and are generally not required. Please contact us if you see internal system errors or products are missing, and we can assist you with the settings.

Default value is "0"
Set to "1" to include disabled items in the export, "0" otherwise.
Set this if you are missing a lot of products.
Default value is 5000
Number of items to fetch per request.
Set lower to lower server memory requirements.
Set to "1" to exclude out of stock items in the export, "0" otherwise.
Default value is "0"
Use this setting if you have a large number of out of stock items in your export that is slowing the export down.

Add the settings at the end of the URL in the following format. The setting names are case-sensitive:

&includeDisabled=1& itemsPerRequest=100& excludeOutOfStock=1

If you leave out any setting, the default value will be used for that setting.

Note: There is a known bug where if the itemsPerRequest is set too low, some items may fail to export. If that happens, set includeDisabled to "1" to ensure all the products are exported. The disabled items can be filtered out of the feed using product filters instead.