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Magento Exporter Troubleshooting

Inconsistent Product Counts or Insufficient Products Exported


The number of products exported varies significantly each time the exporter runs, even though you made no changes to your product catalog. Also, all the products are not exported.


The number of products exported should be consistent every time the exporter runs, as long as no products have been added/removed/modified. Also, all the products should be exported.


This usually happens if an execution timeout is implemented in the web site or PHP configuration. You can confirm this by noticing that the download time is almost identical every time, and that the last line of the export file is incomplete. The download time will typically be a round number around 1 to 2 minutes, typically 60 seconds or 100 seconds.

The exporter script overrides PHP's max_execution_time setting to 4 hours, but there are other timeouts that could affect how long the script is allowed to run. Check the configurations of PHP, the web server (e.g. Apache), and any web server protection software (e.g. Suhosin).