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Export All Products via Magento API

Instead of using our exporter script or extension, our system can connect directly to the Magento API to export product data. We recommend using this method only if there are technical issues with the exporter script/extension, because exporting via the API is very slow.

Examples of When to Use API-based Export

  • url_key or url_path not getting exported
  • category information not exported or missing
  • category/product flat tables are disabled in your Magento settings
  • other problems getting the extension or exporter script to work

Set up Magento API Role and User for Product Export

  1. Go to System > Configuration > Services > Magento Core API in your Magento Admin.
  2. Set the General Settings > Enable WSDL Cache setting to Yes, and click the Save Config button.
  3. Go to System > Web Services > (SOAP/XML-RPC) Roles in your Magento Admin.
  4. Click Add New Role
  5. Enter atensoftware as the Role Name
  6. Click the Role Resources tab
  7. Check the Core checkbox
  8. Check the Catalog checkbox
  9. Check the Catalog Inventory checkbox
  10. (Our system only needs read access. For additional security, you can uncheck all the write permissions under the Catalog and Catalog Inventory trees. These include the following: Update, Assign, Delete, Remove, Add, Create, Rename, and Move)
  11. Click the Save Role button
  12. Go to System > Web Services > (SOAP/XML-RPC) Users in your Magento Admin.
  13. Click Add New User
  14. Enter the following:
    User Name: atensoftware
    First Name: Aten
    Last Name: Software
    Email: support email address
    API Key: Make up a a password here. Here is a random one for your convenience: wymw5eb7
    API Key Confirmation: Re-enter the password
    This account is: Active
  15. Click the User Role tab
  16. Click the radio button for the atensoftware role
  17. Click Save User

Configure your Feed to Export Products via the Magento API

Go to Manage Feed > Modify Settings, and set the Product Catalog URL to the following: