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Automatically Removing Duplicate SKUs from your Product Catalog

Some store platforms, allow you to enter the same SKU for multiple items. This causes problems in the feeds because the shopping engines do not allow you to submit multiple product listings with the same identifier.

If our system detects duplicate SKUs in your catalog, it will show you an error message with the SKUs that are duplicated. You will also receive an email with the error message.

The best solution is to edit your product catalog and remove the duplicate SKUs manually. If that is not possible, we have several options for automatically removing the duplicate SKUs, as listed below:

  • 'error' mode - the feeds show an error and sends you an email if duplicate SKUs are detected
  • 'kill' mode - delete duplicate SKUs entirely (you will not see duplicate SKU errors anymore, but those SKUs will be completely gone)
  • 'safe' mode - reduce duplicate SKUs to one SKU only if the all the other product data is identical (you may still get duplicate SKU errors if for some reason the product data is not identical)
  • 'sort' mode - reduce duplicate SKUs to one SKU by applying a sort and picking the first record (you won't see duplicate SKU errors anymore) You need to specify the fields to sort by.

The 'error' mode is the default mode for almost all the feeds. Please contact us if you would like us to configure a specific mode for your feed.