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How do I view the status of my data feed in Google Merchant Center?

There are three places in your Google merchant account where you can find errors and warnings for your data feed.

Log In to Google Merchant Account

  1. Log in to Google Merchant Center
  2. If you have a multi-client account, click on the Display Name of your store from the Accounts tab.

Products overview

On the Dashboard tab, look at the graph labelled Shopping ads products overview. Hover your mouse over the green line and you will see your active item count. If the count seems too low, you may have item errors. If you see a line in red, that means you have disapproved items. A yellow line means items are awaiting review. See below for more information.

Item Errors and Warnings

To view the latest item level errors/warnings for your feed, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Products > Feeds page
  2. Click the file name of your active feed, e.g.
  3. Click on the Processing tab, if not already selected
  4. Click the errors and warnings label that looks like 1234 errors, 123 warnings. Click each message that expands out to see sample items.
  5. If there are no issues, you will only see this message:
    File pre-processing: Completed - 1234 valid / 1234 processed Basic product data completeness and correctness

Item errors and warnings are updated typically within a few minutes of running a submission to upload the data feed file. You can identify and resolve most item errors by going to Manage Feed > Validation Report in our system.


Click on the Products > Diagnostics page to see all account, feed, and item-level issues related to your account. This analysis is automatically updated by Google once every 24 hours or so. Check the Latest date to see when it was last updated.

Click in the graph to see historical item counts and issues.

Click on the Account, Feeds, or Items boxes below the graph to see details on specific errors or warnings, as well as lists of affected items.

Disapproved Items

  1. Click on the Products > List page (it may be slow to load).
  2. Select Inactive from the Status drop-down to see any disapproved items. These items will have a red icon (circle with a slash) to indicate that they are disapproved.
  3. Click on the Title of an item to see the item details. A reason for disapproval may be displayed as well, but usually, it will just have a generic message saying, "Disapproved or invalid".

When there is no specific error message for a disapproved item, you must contact Google using the Disapproved accounts, feeds, or items contact form to identify and resolve disapproved items. We are unable to provide support for disapproved items.

Disapproval status is typically updated within a few hours of running a submission.