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Missing Shipping Information Warning in Google Merchant Center

You may receive the following warning on the Data Feed Status page of your Google Merchant Center account:

Missing Shipping Information
Please specify at least one active shipping method for each targeted country, either in the 'shipping' attribute or in your account settings. Make sure that the shipping method is applicable to this item. For example, carrier-calculated rates have a limit on weight and are not applicable to heavy items. Note: Allow 15 minutes for account settings to take effect before uploading a new feed.

Potential Solutions

  • Create a shipping method for each targeted country in your GMA Shipping Settings.
  • If you already have a carrier-calculated rate set up, then some of your items may be overweight. In this case, add another shipping method for the items that are overweight.
  • You can add item-specific shipping rates to your catalog, and then those can be submitted in the feed. This requires more work, but is also much more accurate.