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Resolving Google Merchant Center Errors

How do I contact Google Merchant Center?

You must use the online forms to contact Google Merchant Center, or reply to an existing support email. Be sure to search for answers online before contacting them, as their response time can be slow.

  1. Contact Policy - links to contact forms
  2. Support - help articles and documentation
I submitted my feed through your system, now what?

Check the status in your Google Base account. If it says "success", then they have successfully processed the feed.

I submitted my feed, but the status doesn't appear in Google Merchant Center.

It can take 24-72 hours for processing status to appear in Google Merchant Center. Click here for more information.

Google Merchant Center status says 'invalid file name', how do I fix this?

Set the filename property in your feed settings, and make sure this exactly matches the filename configured in your Google Merchant Center account.

I emailed Google Shopping Support, but have not heard from them.

Google Shopping technical support always replies, but it can take up to two weeks to receive a reply.

How do I view the status of my data feed in Google Merchant Center?

There are three places in your Google merchant account where you can find errors and warnings for your data feed.

Log In to Google Merchant Account

  1. Log in to Google Merchant Center
  2. If you have a multi-client account, click on the Display Name of your store from the Accounts tab.

Products overview

On the Dashboard tab, look at the graph labelled Shopping ads products overview. Hover your mouse over the green line and you will see your active item count. If the count seems too low, you may have item errors. If you see a line in red, that means you have disapproved items. A yellow line means items are awaiting review. See below for more information.

Item Errors and Warnings

To view the latest item level errors/warnings for your feed, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Products > Feeds page
  2. Click the file name of your active feed, e.g.
  3. Click on the Processing tab, if not already selected
  4. Click the errors and warnings label that looks like 1234 errors, 123 warnings. Click each message that expands out to see sample items.
  5. If there are no issues, you will only see this message:
    File pre-processing: Completed - 1234 valid / 1234 processed Basic product data completeness and correctness

Item errors and warnings are updated typically within a few minutes of running a submission to upload the data feed file. You can identify and resolve most item errors by going to Manage Feed > Validation Report in our system.


Click on the Products > Diagnostics page to see all account, feed, and item-level issues related to your account. This analysis is automatically updated by Google once every 24 hours or so. Check the Latest date to see when it was last updated.

Click in the graph to see historical item counts and issues.

Click on the Account, Feeds, or Items boxes below the graph to see details on specific errors or warnings, as well as lists of affected items.

Disapproved Items

  1. Click on the Products > List page (it may be slow to load).
  2. Select Inactive from the Status drop-down to see any disapproved items. These items will have a red icon (circle with a slash) to indicate that they are disapproved.
  3. Click on the Title of an item to see the item details. A reason for disapproval may be displayed as well, but usually, it will just have a generic message saying, "Disapproved or invalid".

When there is no specific error message for a disapproved item, you must contact Google using the Disapproved accounts, feeds, or items contact form to identify and resolve disapproved items. We are unable to provide support for disapproved items.

Disapproval status is typically updated within a few hours of running a submission.

How do I resolve an "Error: Missing Attributes" message from Google Base?

You may see one of the following errors from Google Base, which may cause some or all of your products to not be processed.

  • The item is missing a required attribute.
  • We were unable to match the attributes in this dsv (delimiter separated values) data feed line to the corresponding attributes in the header (first) row.
  • You must enter an item title. *Title* is a required attribute.
  • Product name missing
  • We didn't understand the header (first) row of your file. Please make sure you're using valid attribute names.

To resolve these errors, please check the settings in your Google Base account as described in this support question.

How do I configure the shipping 'weight' attribute?
  1. Go to the Manage Feed > Define Fields page for the feed.
  2. Click 'Edit' next to the 'weight' field.
  3. Enter a Default Value, which will apply to all products. Leave blank if not applicable.
  4. Enter the name of the shipping weight field in your store catalog in the Field Name box. It may be named weight, ship-weight, or objinfo_Weight, for example.
  5. Save the settings and run a Submit task to update your listings. You can also review the Product List of the feed to make sure the weights are being retrieved properly.
What do I do if there is no status (or 'None') in Google Merchant Center?

You may encounter a problem where our system shows a successful submission, but you do not see any items uploaded in your Google Merchant Center account. It may say "None" under the "Last upload date & status" column in your Google Merchant Center account. If you see "Success" on our site, it only means that our system successfully uploaded the data feed file to them, not that they have processed the file.

To resolve this, check that the file name is exactly the same in both our site and in Google. The file name must end in .txt and it is case-sensitive. Also, remember that Google may take 24-72 hours to display the status of a recently uploaded file. If more than that time period elapses, you can contact Google.

What do I do if there I get an email saying "Data feed upload failure"?

You may occasionally receive an email from Google Base with subject, Google Base data feed file status on "file.txt": Data feed upload failure. You receive it even though you have not changed any feed settings and your feed has been working correctly. In your Google Base dashboard, you will see the following status message:

Outcome: Data feed upload failed. No items are live.   help
Number of items processed:              0
Number of inserted items:               0
Uploaded at:  Oct 19, 2008 1:40 am PDT
Processed at: Oct 19, 2008 10:11 am PDT

There would be no further details on the error message, and our system would show 'success' in the task history. This problem is usually due to a system error at Google Base. To resolve the issue, you simply have to resubmit your feed from your account.

For further information, you can view the following post in the 'Google Groups - Submitting Data Forum': Data Feed Upload Failure.

What do I do if I can't find my products in my Google Merchant Center account?

Please check the status of your data feed in your Google Merchant Center account first. It would be most helpful if you can send us a screen shot or the detailed, line-by-line error messages.

How do I resolve "No items inserted" or "Internal error" emails?

Google may send you an email saying "No Items Inserted" or "Internal error, feed was not fully processed" for your data feed. This error is usually spurious and can be ignored. You have several options:

You can also check the Google Merchant Center Forum to see if others are experiencing the same problem. If you continue to receive the same error email multiple times, contact us and we can check on your feed.

----- Sample Message ---- From: To: Sent: Thu, November 10, 2009 8:02:31 AM Subject: Google Merchant Center data feed file status on "googlebase.txt": 0 of 1999 items inserted or Internal error, feed not fully processed or No items inserted 0 of 1999 items inserted or Internal error, feed not fully processed or No items inserted Uploaded at: November 10, 2009 2:28:42 AM PST Processed at: November 10, 2009 3:52:36 AM PST For more details on the status of your data feed, go to This is a computer-generated email. Please do not reply. You can change your notification settings at
Problem: Submission is successful, but Google doesn't recognize feed

You can view your task results on the Manage Feed > View Results page for each data feed. If the task shows a successful submission, that means our server was able to upload the file via FTP to Google's FTP server. It does not mean Google has processed, or will ever process, the file.

If your GMA Product Feeds page does not show that the feed is processing within an hour or so, check the following settings:

  1. Check that the file name you have specified on the Manage Feed > Modify Settings page exactly matches the file name on the GMA Product Feeds page. The file name is case-sensitive.
  2. Check that the FTP Username and Password you have specified on the Manage Feed > Modify Settings page exactly matches what you have set on the GMA FTP Settings page. Both username and password are also case-sensitive.
  3. Make sure you are logged into the correct Google account. Also, if you have a multi-client account with Google, make sure you are checking the settings for the correct sub-account.
Can you help if my feed was disapproved by Google?

Google has recently disapproved feeds of many of our clients due to stricter enforcement of Restricted Products. Even a single restricted item can result in disapproval of all your items!

Please beware that although you may be selling an item that is allowed, it may still contain keywords that make it appear to be a restricted item in Google's view. This may result in disapproval of your entire feed.

Thankfully, Google has also published an extensive set of restricted keywords in their documentation of Restricted Products. Please review those rules carefully, as well as the Google Shopping Program Policies.

To resolve the issue, you have to email Google until they tell you which item or items are causing the disapproval, a process which may take a week or two of emailing back and forth. You can start the process by contacting them using these forms:

Common Reasons for Disapproval

  • Submitting out of stock or discontinued items as being "in stock"
  • Submitting used or refurbished items as "new"
  • Submitting items in or related to any Restricted Product category, particularly supplements and weapons

Additional Tips and Advice

For a great overview of why Google disapproves feeds and how to get approved again, please refer to Celebird's Product Search Disapproval Checklist.

For many issues, you may find assistance or advice in the Google Merchants Help Forum.

We have a separate article that explains how to solve the issue when your items are disapproved due to shipping terms in the product descriptions.

A common cause of disapproval is non-compliance with the policy regarding Affiliates, cataloged drop-shipping programs, and multi-level marketing. See the program policies for more details.

If your items do not have unique identifiers, but Google has disapproved them, then you can contact Google to request an exemption or exception from the unique identifier requirement.

If your entire feed is disapproved and Google is not responding, unfortunately, we can not provide any support. This issue is between the merchant and Google, and there is nothing we can do about it. We do not have any knowledge of, and can not advise on a workaround. We do not have an 'inside' contact at Google. Creating a new Google account and resubmitting does not work, and is not recommended.

Google Shopping Products Awaiting Review Status Meaning

Occasionally, your products may be flagged for review by Google Merchant Center. When this happens, they will be removed from Google Shopping for up to two business days.

In your Google Merchant Account Dashboard, items awaiting review will appear as a yellow line in the Product Overview Graph. You can also find the status of the items in the Products Tab.

If your products have been Awaiting Review for an extended period of time, you can contact Google using their Data Feed Processing Contact Form. Google Merchant Center does not provide a phone number. You can expect 1-2 business days response time via the contact form. You can also contact Adwords phone technical support for free, but our clients have reported that they are generally not very helpful for this type of issue.

Reasons for products to be flagged for review are listed below.

  • recently registered feed
  • content changes by the merchant
  • Google's enforcement or implementation of new policies
  • data feed changes that affect the content

For more information, refer to Google's support article: What is the status of my products?

Missing Shipping Information Warning in Google Merchant Center

You may receive the following warning on the Data Feed Status page of your Google Merchant Center account:

Missing Shipping Information
Please specify at least one active shipping method for each targeted country, either in the 'shipping' attribute or in your account settings. Make sure that the shipping method is applicable to this item. For example, carrier-calculated rates have a limit on weight and are not applicable to heavy items. Note: Allow 15 minutes for account settings to take effect before uploading a new feed.

Potential Solutions

  • Create a shipping method for each targeted country in your GMA Shipping Settings.
  • If you already have a carrier-calculated rate set up, then some of your items may be overweight. In this case, add another shipping method for the items that are overweight.
  • You can add item-specific shipping rates to your catalog, and then those can be submitted in the feed. This requires more work, but is also much more accurate.