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How do I configure free shipping for Google Shopping?

If all your products have free shipping, then you can configure this via your GMA Shipping Settings. Simply create a flat-rate shipping rule, and set the price to zero.

Otherwise, if only certain items have free shipping, then configure your default shipping costs in the Google Merchant Account, and then override the shipping cost for individual items using the instructions below. These instructions also apply to Bing Shopping, which uses the shipping cost format.

  1. Add the following custom/meta field to your store catalog: google-shipping.
  2. Set the value to 'US:::0.00' (without quotes) on the items that qualify for free shipping.
    • Leave all the other items blank, so that the shipping cost for these will still be based on the account-level shipping rates.
    • To set other shipping rates, please see the Google Shopping shipping attribute instructions.
    • The Google shipping attribute is composed of country, region, service, and price. You can specify multiple shipping rules for a single product by separating each by commas.
  3. Click the Refresh button from the Manage Feed page of your Google Shopping feed.
  4. Go to the Manage Feed > Analyze Source Data page to confirm that the custom field has been imported, and note the exact name.
  5. Edit the 'shipping' field on the Define Fields page of your Google Shopping feed, and set the Field Name to 'google-shipping' or the exact name that appeared on the Analyze Source Data page.
  6. Click the Submit button from the Manage Feed page of your Google Shopping feed.

Important Tips

  • For more flexibility, add a 'shipping-label' field to your store catalog instead of the above. You can make up and assign labels to each of your items. For example, you might set up labels like 'freight', 'free', 'ground', etc. Then, in your GMA, you can set up the different rates and assign labels to them. Google will use the shipping_label values assigned to each item to choose the rate for the item.
  • We recommend setting ship-weight to the actual ship weight of the items, as opposed to setting it to zero to trigger free shipping.
  • One other thing you will need to do is log into your Google Merchant center account, and ensure that "Use Quoted Fields" setting is set to "No". Instructions for doing so are here: Google Feed Settings.


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Lasted Updated: July 10, 2018