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What should be my data feed settings in Google Merchant Center?

When you create your data feed, select 'Products' as the type, 'googlebase' as the format, and enter a file name ending in '.txt'. The default settings will work with our system, but if you need to verify them, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to GMA Product Feeds
  2. Under the Upload column, make sure that it says Create schedule or Paused schedule
  3. If there is an active schedule, click on it, and then click the Pause Schedule button
  4. Click Settings under the data feed file name
  5. Verify the settings below:
    • Filename: your store name ending in .zip
      Examples: => => =>
    • Encoding: UTF-8 (Autodetect is not reliable)
    • Delimiter: Tab
    • Use quoted fields: No
    • Default Currency: US Dollar (The 'No default currency' option is not reliable.)
    • Click Save changes
  1. Log into your Aten Software account
  2. Go to My Account > Manage Feed > Advanced Settings.
  3. Set the the "File Enclosure" setting to "None" and click 'Update'


Disabling quoted fields is the default and recommended setting.

Note that attributes that consist of multiple sub-attributes, such as 'tax' and 'shipping', do not work if enclosed in quotations. Therefore, we recommend to set Use quoted fields to "No".

Setting "Encoding" to "Autodetect" usually works fine, but if you add any special characters to your titles or descriptions, then there is a chance that Google will not detect the encoding and then they would reject those listings. Google's auto-detect logic is not perfect (it may only look at the top 100 lines of the data feed file). Therefore, it is safer to set "Encoding" to "UTF-8".


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Lasted Updated: May 19, 2018