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'free shipping' text prohibited by Google

Nov 10, 2009

The recent slow task processing and internal system errors were caused by routing problems between our server and Yahoo Stores. We have implemented a temporary workaround as we monitor and try to resolve the issue.

On another topic, Google has begun to prohibit items with words like 'Free Shipping' anywhere in the product listing. We strongly recommend you to check your Google Merchant Center account to make sure that all your items are active. If you are affected, see How do I deal with items prohibited due to shipping terms? for possible workarounds.

Here are four, new features of our system:

  • When you add a new data feed, it automatically fills in the objinfo/catalog URL of the last data feed that you worked on.
  • We have added a simple, fill-in form to submit Express Setup Requests.
  • You can now enable/disable individual fields of your data feed on both Basic and Advanced feeds. See How do I hide, disable, or suppress fields from my data feed? for an extensive discussion.
  • We have added a Monitus Category feed for those using Monitus for web analytics.

Finally, Yahoo has recently released a series of ( ) Yahoo Store Webinars chock full of optimization strategies by leading experts. We highly recommend these.

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