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Archived News for 2009

expiration_date attribute dropped - Dec 18, 2009
As we had mentioned a few weeks ago, we have dropped the expiration_date attribute from all Basic and Advanced data feeds. This field is no longer required by Google. All products will automatically be listed for the maximum number of days (30) by Google. If you were using this field in a... Read More
expiration_date attribute in Google feeds - Nov 29, 2009
We will be dropping the expiration_date attribute from all Basic Google data feeds after December 15th. This field is no longer required by Google. All products will automatically be listed for the maximum number of days (30) by Google. If you are using the Basic Google feed for non-Google... Read More
Slow task processing issue resolved - Nov 23, 2009
Some accounts with large feeds have had internal system errors the past few weeks due to the routing issue. We have been manually resubmitting those. This has been due to the routing issue between our server and Yahoo Stores. That issue seems to be resolved today, so all feeds should be back... Read More
'free shipping' text prohibited by Google - Nov 10, 2009
The recent slow task processing and internal system errors were caused by routing problems between our server and Yahoo Stores. We have implemented a temporary workaround as we monitor and try to resolve the issue. On another topic, Google has begun to prohibit items with words like 'Free... Read More
New Monitus Category Data Feed - Oct 21, 2009
We added a new Monitus Category Data Feed that contains your monitus-category and product id columns in a CSV format. You can use this to update your categories for the Web Analytics Connector for Google Analytics.
Disable Fields Feature Added - Oct 16, 2009
We added a new option to hide or suppress fields from your data feed. This is available to both Basic and Advanced feeds. This feature allows you to remove fields from your Basic data feed without needing to upgrade to an Advanced feed. You can still filter out products based on the data in... Read More
Internal system errors resolved - Sep 21, 2009
A handful of feeds had tasks with internal system errors due to a system bug over the past several days. This issue was resolved today and the feeds were resubmitted for no charge.
Bing Cashback Feed Setup Instructions Posted - Sep 4, 2009
We have posted detailed instructions on setting up a Bing Cashback data feed for your Yahoo Store. As you may know, Bing Cashback does not charge fees for listings or click-throughs. Instead, merchants only pay a commission when they make a sale. After a one-time, tracking pixel code... Read More
New attributes for Google and feeds - Aug 28, 2009
We discovered a bug where the expiration_date attribute for Google Feeds was not being updated if the Yahoo Store had not been published in a long time. This caused a handful of feeds to be submitted today with an expiration date in the past. We refunded the submission fee for those affected... Read More
Advanced data feed service launched - Jul 15, 2009
New Data Feeds Supported - Jun 26, 2009
We now support the following data feeds for your Yahoo Store: Amazon Product Ads BuySafe NexTag PriceGrabber Pronto ShareASale SortPrice TheFind For a complete list, with links to merchant sign-up pages, please see our Supported Engines page
Data Quality Improvement - Jun 10, 2009
The new engine includes a data quality improvement for the Google Base data feed. First, instead of appending product options to the end of the product description, product options are submitted in a new, custom field called c:options:string. Also, the text of the product options is filtered... Read More
'Condition' attribute and other news - Jun 5, 2009
The Google Base 'condition' attribute will be required beginning June 30, 2009. One of the three values, 'new', 'used', or 'refurbished' must be supplied for each product. Your Google Base data feed already contains the 'condition' attribute, and you can configure either a default value or... Read More
Character Encoding Issues - May 29, 2009
We have improved the way character-encoding issues are handled in the system. Special characters, and especially Windows CP-1252 characters, are correctly processed and output in the LATIN1/ISO-8859-1 character set. Previously, they were being converted to spaces. This should result in more... Read More
System Errors - May 16, 2009
An internal system error (caused by failed domain name lookups) caused some submission and alert tasks to fail on May 15th. These tasks were manually resubmitted today if they had not already been automatically resubmitted.
New Pricing Reminder - May 14, 2009
This is just a reminder that our fee schedule will be changed on June 1, 2009. See our Service Pricing page for details. All data feeds have been migrated to the new data feed engine now. The change occurred transparently and did not require any interaction on your part. We will be adding... Read More
Advanced Data Feed Engine and New Pricing - Apr 18, 2009
We are pleased to announce the availability of our new data feed engine. This new engine is fully customizable. It will allow you to submit your products to more comparison shopping engines (CSEs), and submit them in a more optimized way. Additional CSEs will be announced as they become... Read More
Google Base FTP Issue Resolved - Mar 24, 2009
Google's FTP server returned to normal operation sometime yesterday. All scheduled feeds were processed correctly this morning. Those of you with feeds that do not run daily may want to manually submit your feeds due to the missed submissions over the weekend. You can review your feed's... Read More
Google Base FTP Server Issue - Mar 23, 2009
Google's FTP server has not been responsive since approximately March 21st. Submissions since then have failed with the error, "Connection reset by peer." Our system does not charge you for failed submissions. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to upload your data feed(s) until they... Read More
XML processing bug resolved - Feb 20, 2009
Due to an XML-processing bug in an external library, a small number of feeds were submitted with missing image links or incorrectly parsed descriptions from Feb. 17 through the morning of Feb 19th. We found and corrected the bug on Feb. 19th. All of the affected feeds have been resubmitted... Read More
Better Integration of Feeds - Jan 16, 2009 data feeds are now tightly integrated into the system. Other screens have also received a face lift. You may notice some superficial differences, but otherwise, the changes should be seamless.