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Lower Pricing for Magento and AspDotNetStorefront Feeds

Sep 5, 2011

Effective immediately, we have lowered the pricing for our Magento and AspDotNetStorefront data feeds to be the same as the pricing for our Yahoo Store feeds. The new pricing is $13.50/month for the first Basic data feed, and $4.50/month for each additional Basic data feed.

We have reviewed and downgraded all the feeds to Basic data feeds if possible, so that you can take advantage of the lower pricing. Note that as a Basic feed, your feed is still *identical* to the way it was before. The only difference is that a few options for specialized customization, which you were not using, will be unavailable unless requested.

If your feed had customizations (e.g. custom programming or special fields) that were not supported by our Basic data feed, then we left the feed as an Advanced feed. The Advanced feed pricing remains the same, at $7.50/month/feed extra in addition to the Basic feed cost. Only a small number of feeds had to remain as Advanced feeds.

Go to My Account > Billing Summary to see your current, monthly pricing.

We are happy to be able to provide you with the same service for lower cost! Stay tuned for more improvements and announcements.

We also updated all Magento and AspDotNetStorefront Google feeds to the latest Google feed specifications.

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