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Excluding Incomplete Items from Google

Sep 21, 2011

If your data feed is suspended by Google due to missing identifiers on some items, we have a simple solution for you to exclude these items and submit only the valid listings.

For complete instructions, see here: Exclude or Filter Out Items That Do Not Meet Google Requirements

To summarize, you simply add a disabled field called 'is-google-acceptable' to your feed, and then set up a filter to exclude the items where this is set to 0. This field is calculated by our back-end to either 0 or 1 depending on whether or not the item meets the unique identifier requirements and other basic requirements. As you add information to your store, the excluded items will automatically be included and submitted in the feed, giving you plenty of time to get your items into compliance.

Product Tagging Feed

The Yahoo Store Editor interface can be cumbersome. To get around this, we have created a new type of Advanced data feed that generates an HTML file that you can download to your computer. When you open this file in your web browser, you will see the main picture of each item along with a form to enter data such as brand, mpn, color, gender, etc. Enter the information and click a button to generate a CSV file that you can upload directly into your Yahoo Store. Refresh the feed and all the new information will be pre-populated and you can continue working on more items.

This Product Tagging feed is in a pre-release stage, but we are announcing it immediately because it might save you a lot of time even as it is. For more information on pricing and setup, see here: Easy Color-Tagging for your Yahoo Store Products

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