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Analytics Tracking Codes

Jul 31, 2012

We have pre-configured the 'adwords_redirect' and 'adwords_queryparam' fields of all Google Shopping feeds. This allows you to track additional information about the source of your clicks with Google Analytics.

This change was made automatically, and you do not need to do anything. If you had already customized these fields, we left your settings as-is.

For more information, see here: Campaign Tracking Codes for Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics

We would like to take this a step further and modify the main product URL link submitted in all feeds (for all shopping engines) to include Google Analytics tracking codes. Again, already customized feeds would be left as-is. The advantage of this would be that if you decided to use Google Analytics, you could split up traffic statistics by shopping engine. These tracking codes would also be compatible with Yahoo Web Analytics (YWA) and other web traffic analyzers.

Here is an example of a product URL,

WITHOUT tracking codes:

WITH tracking codes:

We are planning to make this change unless there are major concerns. If you would NOT like this change to be made, please let us know.

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