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International Google Feeds

Aug 25, 2012

We now offer automatic currency conversion, which gives you an easy way to submit your English-language product listings to Google Shopping UK, Australia, and Switzerland. No language translation is necessary for these countries!

In order to meet the local currency requirements, you simply add a link or button to a currency convertor on all of your product pages. Then, define your international shipping rates in your Google Merchant Account. Finally, submit an Express Setup Request for an Additional Feed ($45 one-time fee) and we will set up a Custom feed with pricing in the local currency. Additional Custom feeds are $14.40 per month.

The currency conversion occurs automatically using the latest exchange rates from Yahoo! Finance. For more information, please see International Google Product Feeds to the UK and Other Countries.

In other news, we have enhanced the Standard feeds for our Yahoo Store customers. You can now customize the source field for the fields listed below without requiring a Custom feed. If you previously had a Custom feed with only customizations to these fields, and we have not already downgraded your feed, please let us know.

Product ID
Product Title
Product Description
Product Image URL
Product URL

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