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Archived News for 2012

Google Shopping Optimized Bidding by Price Range - Dec 20, 2012
Are you bidding the same price for clicks on your $10.00 items as your $200.00 items? If you bid too high, it may be too costly to sell the $10.00 item, and if you bid too low, you may miss sales opportunities on the $200.00 item. Our new Google Shopping Price Breaks Setup is an easy... Read More
Shopzilla Feeds Upgraded - Nov 10, 2012
For our customers with feeds to Shopzilla, we have upgraded your Shopzilla feeds to the latest specifications. We carried over any filters and feed settings you had customized. The new file is uploaded as a zip file. This upgrade does not require any action on your part. The updated... Read More
Google Shopping Free Listings Ended - Oct 22, 2012
On October 17th, Google officially terminated free listings on Google Product Search. The easiest way to list your items in Google Shopping now is via Product Listing Ads, which are pay-per-click ads automatically generated from your product data feed to Google Merchant Center. Setting up... Read More
Google Feeds Disapproved Error - Sep 17, 2012
Due to an error in the Google feeds from our system, your Google feed may have been disapproved since Saturday morning, 9/15/2012, around 10 AM EST. We corrected the error and resubmitted all the Google feeds this morning, 9/17/2012, around 10 AM EST. There is no need to take any action; we... Read More
Podcast of Radio Show - Big Changes at Google Shopping - Sep 11, 2012
We had many requests for the online recording (podcast) of the radio show. Here is the link: ( ) Big Changes at Google Shopping, eCom Experts, Sep. 10, 2012 Thanks for listening!
Radio Show - Big Changes at Google Shopping - Sep 10, 2012
Join me today at 6:00 PM Eastern on the radio show Ecom Experts to learn all about the changes to Google Shopping: What is changing at Google Shopping? When will the change occur? Why is Google making these changes? How will these changes affect merchants? How do new merchants get... Read More
Bigcommerce Google and Bing Shopping Feeds Available Now - Sep 10, 2012
As of today, our BigCommerce feed service is officially released and out of 'Beta' testing phase. The service includes BigCommerce feeds to Bing Shopping, Google Product Search, Shopzilla, TheFind, and many other shopping engines. To get started, please see our BigCommerce Shopping Feeds... Read More
New Promotions and Offers - Sep 7, 2012
We are excited to provide you with some exclusive promotions and offers from some vendors who can help you increase your sales. We have compiled these in a new section of our support site called Promotions and Offers. Here is a summary: CPC Strategy - Shopping Comparison Management... Read More
International Google Feeds - Aug 25, 2012
We now offer automatic currency conversion, which gives you an easy way to submit your English-language product listings to Google Shopping UK, Australia, and Switzerland. No language translation is necessary for these countries! In order to meet the local currency requirements, you simply... Read More
Analytics Tracking Codes - Jul 31, 2012
We have pre-configured the 'adwords_redirect' and 'adwords_queryparam' fields of all Google Shopping feeds. This allows you to track additional information about the source of your clicks with Google Analytics. This change was made automatically, and you do not need to do anything. If you... Read More
TheFind Feed Upgrade for Glimpse - Jul 20, 2012
We have upgraded all TheFind feeds to the latest specifications from TheFind. There is no need to take any action, the change is automatic and backward-compatible. The new feed template includes the Direct_URL attribute. This field contains the URL of your product without any tracking... Read More
GoShopping is Defunct - Jul 18, 2012
The GoShopping shopping search engine appears to be defunct. Searches are no longer working on the site and nobody is replying to their contact form or email address. We came to this conclusion on July 9th, and immediately suspended all charges for your GoShopping feeds. We investigated... Read More
Product Listing Ads Campaign Quick Signup - Jun 29, 2012
Today, Google came out with a new Quick Signup form for the Adwords Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Google Shopping. If you have not started with PLAs yet, then it just takes just three steps to set up an initial campaign. To get started, simply go to the Google Merchant Account: Adwords... Read More
New Feed to Catalog-On-Demand with 6 Months Free Trial - Jun 21, 2012
We now support data feeds from your store to Catalog-On-Demand! Catalog-On-Demand® creates printable PDFs of your product catalog. It works as a web-based service that uses a daily data feed from our system. You can use the PDFs on your website, in emails, or to create print catalogs. ... Read More
'upc' renamed to 'gtin' in Google feeds - Jun 16, 2012
We have renamed the 'upc' attribute to 'gtin' in all the Google feeds. There is no need to take any action; we are just informing you of the change. Whatever field you had previously mapped to 'upc' will now be mapped to 'gtin'. GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a superset of UPC, so... Read More
Google Shopping to end free listings - Jun 6, 2012
Google made a major announcement on May 31st that they will be ending their free listings program and switching exclusively to a paid model sometime this Fall. Google Product Search will be renamed to Google Shopping. Your existing Google product feed will continue to go to Google... Read More
Invalid google_product_category is now an error - May 24, 2012
Google now treats an invalid Google Product Category as an item error. We updated our validation rules yesterday to also treat this as an error. If you have any items with invalid Google Product Categories, please update them to ensure that your items are listed. Note that Google... Read More
Tax, shipping, and google_product_category are now required - May 7, 2012
If you have not already done so, please set up your tax and shipping rules in your Google Merchant Center Tax Settings and Google Merchant Center Shipping Settings. Tax and shipping must be defined (for US sellers) or your items will be disapproved. google_product_category must also... Read More
Hardware issue resolved and new pricing - Apr 15, 2012
The hardware issue has been resolved and feed processing performance is fully restored. Also, our new pricing is in effect starting today. See our press release for more information.
Hardware issue - Apr 14, 2012
10:41 AM EST: We are currently experiencing a hardware issue on our feed processing server affecting temporary file storage. Processing tasks are not working. We are working on resolving the issue and hope to have everything fully restored shortly. 11:04 AM EST: Task processing is... Read More
Bing Reopens and New Pricing Reminder - Mar 31, 2012
Bing Shopping is once again accepting new merchants! We encourage you to add feeds to Bing Shopping and TheFind, both of which offer free listings. Your cost for additional data feeds is $5.40/month (as of 4/15/2012). Bing Shopping D.I.Y. Setup Guide TheFind D.I.Y. Setup... Read More
Free Google Monitoring and New Pricing - Mar 15, 2012
FREE GOOGLE MONITORING: Reduce lost sales with our product count monitoring service for Google Product Search, now available free of charge! Our system will check your product count of actively listed items each day, and send you an email if it drops below a threshold you specify. ... Read More
google_product_category, tax, and shipping requirements - Mar 2, 2012
Google has made some changes to the google_product_category, tax, and shipping attributes. You may not have to take any action, but we ask you to review the changes to make sure your feeds are up-to-date. 1. tax and shipping Tax and shipping must be defined (for US sellers). You need... Read More
Google 'product_type' Attribute - Feb 12, 2012
We have enhanced the Yahoo Store to Google Product Search feeds to allow more configuration options for the 'product_type' attribute. By default, this attribute is set to the Yahoo Path. Now, you can override this value with the data from any of the fields in your store catalog by simply... Read More