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Step 1 - b: Register a Data Feed in Google Merchant Center Next Account

Use the instructions in this step only for Google Merchant Center Next. If you still have a Google Merchant Center Legacy account, then complete the instructions in Step 1 - a instead.

  1. Go to Google Merchant Center
  2. If you are not signed in, then either click the Sign In button or click the Start now button.
  3. Complete all onboarding steps that appear on the page, except Adding products.
  4. Click the Gear Icon > Data Sources link, once you are signed in and have completed on-boarding steps.
  5. Click the Add data source button
  6. Select the Add products from a file tile
  7. Select the Add a file using sFTP radio button
  8. Enter your store name in lower-case ending with ".zip" in the Enter your exact file name input box.
    Examples: => => => targeting Canada => targeting Australia =>
  9. Click the View SFTP details link, and make note of the Username and Password, for later entry into the Modify Settings page of your feed.
  10. Click the Continue button
  11. Click the Your setup tab on the feed source details page
  12. Click the pencil icon next to Source Name
  13. Replace the existing Source name with the file name you entered above
  14. Click the Save link