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Step 1: Register a Data Feed in your Google Merchant Center Account

  1. Go to Google Merchant Center and sign up for an account, or sign into an existing account.
  2. If you have multiple stores, request a multi-client account so you can manage them all from a single Google account.
  3. On the Business information page, enter the website URL of your store in the Website section. If it does not say "Claimed", please see our Website Url Verification Tutorial for further instructions.
  4. On the Tax and Shipping pages, add your tax and shipping rules. You can add estimated shipping if none of the options exactly matches your shipping policies.
  5. Click the vertical dots icon and select SFTP / FTP / GCS. Click the FTP Settings section and create a user name and password. Make sure to note the password somewhere, as it will only be displayed once. You can reset it easily if you lose it.
  6. On the Products > Feeds page, click the plus icon.
  7. Enter the following on the Register a new feed form and then click Continue:
    • Mode: Standard
    • Type: Products
    • Target country: United States
    • Language: English
    • Currency: US Dollar
    • Feed name:
  8. Select Upload on the Input method step and then click Continue.
  9. Enter the following on the Feed setup step and then click Save:
    • File name:
    • Advanced Settings > Enable this feed for: Check the Shopping box
    • Manually upload a file now: Leave unchecked
  10. (Click the following if you see the error: A feed with the same filename already exists. Please choose a different filename)
  11. The feed will appear in the list of feeds. Click the link in the Name column.
  12. Click on the Settings tab for the data feed.
  13. Click the Edit button.
  14. Enter the settings below and then click the Save button:
    • Encoding: UTF-8
    • Delimiter: Tab
    • Use quoted fields: Unchecked
    • Enable this feed for: Check the box for Shopping
  15. (Do not do anything on the Schedule or Feed Rules tabs of the feed settings.)

Upon completion of these steps, you will have a data feed file registered in your Google Merchant Account ready to for the FTP upload of a product listings file. To start seeing your products in Google Shopping, you still need to set up the feed in our site, and set up an Adwords Shopping campaign.


Google Shopping Setup Guide

Lasted Updated: September 11, 2016