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Bing Shopping and Commission Junction

Jul 31, 2010


Microsoft has replaced Bing Cashback with Bing Shopping effective today. Bing Shopping will allow merchants to submit their product catalogs for free, joining Google, TheFind, and GoShopping in providing free traffic for merchants. Our current Bing Cashback data feed will continue to work as-is with Bing Shopping, and we have simply updated its name and logo.

Currently, Bing does not appear to be taking applications from new merchants. Therefore, if you do not have a Bing Cashback Merchant Account, please be patient and we will send another announcement as soon we have additional details.

If you have an existing Bing Cashback Merchant Account, we recommend that you review it and continue or resume submissions. In our system, we recommend you delete any exclusion criteria (a.k.a. filters) you had set up for these feeds, so that all your products can be submitted.

Here is the official Bing Shopping Announcement and FAQ.


We now support data feeds to Commission Junction. Commission Junction is a major affiliate marketing provider, where merchants pay a commission on each sale.

How do I set up a Commission Junction data feed?

For our complete list of our available data feeds, as well as recommendations and traffic statistics, visit Supported Data Feeds.


We have simplified the settings for choosing how and how often your data feed is updated. You can choose the frequency of the updates from "Manage Feed > Modify Settings - Update Frequency". You can choose how the feed is updated from "Manage Feed > Advanced Settings - Update Methods". This avoids the confusion of having two separate update frequencies for each update method.

All feeds are pre-configured with the correct update method, so you do not need to do anything. But just for your reference, there are two update methods, "File" and "FTP", and you can enable any combination of the two. "File" will update the feed file hosted on our server, which can then be retrieved at any time via HTTP. "FTP" will send the feed file to the FTP server you specify.

How do I schedule my data feed file to be refreshed automatically?

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