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Important Data Feed Update

Jun 16, 2010

This notice is for customers who are actively submitting to We have added 'category id' and 'condition' fields to the feeds. You must remap the columns in your account for these changes to take effect by following a simple, 5-minute procedure as described in the link.

The 'Conditon' field is required starting July 1st, 2010. By default, the value is set to 'New'. You can submit product-specific values by configuring the "Catalog Field Name" from the "Define Fields" page on our site.

The 'Category ID' field is a better way to categorize your products in This field is not required, but is strongly recommended. Please see our support topic for more information on how to use the Category ID field.

We have updated our optimization tips for

Also, note that we have deleted data feeds from our system that were not being used for a long time (generally, over 6 months). You can simply create a new feed using the latest template if you plan to submit to again.

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