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Archived News for 2010

Pricewatch Data Feed Available - Dec 16, 2010
We have added support for Pricewatch feeds. You can use this to set up a "file import pull" in the Pricewatch dealer website.
AspDotNetStorefront Data Feed Support - Dec 14, 2010
We have launched the Beta version of our AspDotNetStorefront data feeder service. If you have an AspDotNetStorefront store, or know of someone who needs feed services for one, then we welcome you to try our system. To get started, simply select AspDotNetStorefront as the store platform when... Read More
Bing FTP Server Issues - Nov 5, 2010
For the last several weeks, Bing's FTP server has not been accepting logins reliably, even though the FTP user name and password are correct. Each time the FTP login fails, you will receive a "Data Feed Error Notice" by email. Bing is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. In the... Read More
Faster Task Processing - Oct 15, 2010
We have made optimizations to the task processing to improve speed. You should notice faster execution times, up to 2-3 times faster in some cases.
Product Inclusion Feature - Sep 21, 2010
You can now configure your feed so that all products are excluded except those that match filters that you define. This allows you to more easily define a small set of products to include in the feed. To enable the setting, change the "Product Filter" mode on the "Manage Feed >... Read More
System Update - Sep 18, 2010
Bing Shopping feeds have been adjusted to meet the latest specifications. The data feed file is converted to UTF-8 and the MPID column is renamed to MerchantProductID. We have implemented a multi-processing task scheduler that gives priority to user-initiated tasks. Your wait time for... Read More
Bing Shopping Template Update - Aug 25, 2010
We have updated all Bing Shopping feeds to follow the new Bing Shopping feed format. (Previously, most feeds were still using the old, Bing Cashback feed format.) Your field settings have been preserved or corrected where necessary. We are coordinating with Bing to ensure that they... Read More
Bing Shopping Sign-Up Instructions - Aug 4, 2010
To sign up for Bing Shopping, please visit Bing Shopping Merchant Sign-Up. For instructions on setting up your data feed, please visit Bing Shopping Data Feed Setup Instructions
Bing Shopping and Commission Junction - Jul 31, 2010
BING CASHBACK BECOMES *FREE* BING SHOPPING Microsoft has replaced Bing Cashback with Bing Shopping effective today. Bing Shopping will allow merchants to submit their product catalogs for free, joining Google, TheFind, and GoShopping in providing free traffic for merchants. Our current... Read More
Feed Update Frequency and Methods - Jul 24, 2010
We have simplified the settings for choosing how and how often your data feed is updated. You can choose the frequency of the updates from "Manage Feed > Modify Settings - Update Frequency". You can choose how the feed is updated from "Manage Feed > Advanced Settings - Update... Read More
GoShopping Feed and Other News - Jul 14, 2010
We now support data feeds to GoShopping. GoShopping is a smaller, newer comparison shopping engine. GoShopping does not charge any fees to merchants, and the setup process is simple. How do I set up a GoShopping data feed? Currently, the only other shopping search engines that are free... Read More
Important Data Feed Update - Jun 16, 2010
This notice is for customers who are actively submitting to We have added 'category id' and 'condition' fields to the feeds. You must remap the columns in your account for these changes to take effect by following a simple, 5-minute procedure as... Read More Data Feed Added - May 15, 2010
We have added support for data feeds to See our supported data feeds page for more information on
Task Processing Glitch Fixed - Apr 28, 2010
There was a glitch in our system that allowed scheduled and automated tasks to be processed even if the account had a zero credit balance. This has been corrected and we apologize for any confusion. Accounts must have a positive balance in order for any processing tasks to be executed.
New Pricing Reminder and Website Upgrade - Apr 14, 2010
This is just a reminder that our new pricing schedule will take effect tomorrow, April 15, 2010. Since submissions will be free, we recommend that all Google feeds to be set to run 'Daily' with 'auto-skip' disabled. This setting can be changed from the 'Manage Feed > Modify Settings'... Read More Data Feed - Mar 30, 2010
We have added support for data feeds. There are WholesaleCentral data feed setup instructions in our support site. We have also added instructions on how you can download all your Yahoo store images using our system.
Website URL Verification Tutorial - Mar 25, 2010
Google recently sent an email to merchants with the subject, Action Required: Verify Google Merchant Center Website URL. This is a legitimate notice and represents a welcome change in the way Google verifies that you have control over your domain name. The process is now fully automated, and... Read More
TheFind Data Feed Updated - Mar 16, 2010
TheFind just released their new Merchant Center, where you can now submit your data feed file as you do for Google Base. Previously, TheFind was not accepting data feeds via their Merchant Center unless you had special arrangements with them. We have updated the TheFind data feed template to... Read More
New Pricing Announcement - Mar 15, 2010
In order to simplify our pricing structure, we are eliminating per-submission charges and changing to a flat-rate, monthly pricing for our data feed services. These pricing changes will enable us to continue to improve and enhance our system, as well as provide superior phone and email support.... Read More
Data Feed File Name Error - Mar 3, 2010
Google is currently having an issue where some data feeds uploaded by FTP are receiving the data feed file name error. Google is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it. You can follow the status in the Google Merchant Center Forum: Known Issue: Data feeds uploaded via FTP receiving... Read More Feed Support - Feb 25, 2010
We now have a data feed template customized to their specifications. You no longer need to use the feed for Please see our Support Page for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your data feed.
Change to Advanced Feed Activity Rules - Feb 24, 2010
Retrieval tasks are no longer consider as 'activity' for the purposes of determining whether or not an Advanced data feed is active. Therefore, you can run retrieval tasks and review results for an Advanced data feed without incurring the Advanced feed service fees. Once a submission or data... Read More
Improved Account Navigation Interface - Feb 19, 2010
We have added dynamic menu bar to all account pages. The menu bar will help you quickly navigate your account, and understand the heirarchy of available functions. It will also remember the currently active data feed, and let you switch between feeds easily. Below the menu bar is a new... Read More
Bi-weekly option available - Jan 22, 2010
We have added a biweekly submission frequency, which will submit your data feed twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Shareasale feeds can benefit from this option, because Shareasale can only receive feeds up to twice per week.
Express Setup and Optimization - Jan 21, 2010
We now offer express setup and data feed optimization packages for a fixed price. Express setup includes feed setup and optimization. Optimization can be purchased by itself for customers with existing data feeds. Feel free to submit your request online via your account.
Find products by item or line number - Jan 8, 2010
The Search Products page now allows you to find a product by item or line number. This can help you quickly troubleshoot feed errors that reference an item or line number.